New Technology: “Invisible”, “Affordable” way to “Turn Up The Sound”

Only a small percentage of individuals with hearing loss in the United States actually wear hearing aids. Two major reasons are cost and vanity. Leading edge hearing aids that are small and inconspicuous, fitting completely in the ear canal, can cost $5000.00 or more per instrument. One of the world’s most respected hearing aid manufacturers, Starkey Labs, based in Minneapolis, MN, has just released a new generation Personal Sound Amplifying Product (PSAP), the “AMP”, that is both invisible and affordable.

The “AMP” is designed for those not yet ready for traditional hearing aids. This new device fits entirely into the ear canal. It is “invisible”, when inserted into the ear canal in most cases, and “affordable” ($1500/pair). The “AMP” has a number of similarities to traditional hearing aids. Personal Sound Amplifying Products, however, fall outside the regulatory guidelines imposed on hearing aids by the FDA. As a result, they can be obtained easily and cheaply in a single visit from a variety of sources through a simple fitting process.

These small electronic amplifiers allow wearers to enjoy nighttime TV without disturbing sleepers, to listen to lectures with a distant speaker, and to listen to soft sounds that would ordinarily be difficult to hear (e.g., distant conversations, performances). They enable caregivers to hear toddlers from many yards away. They also enhance hearing when worn during recreational activities like hunting (listening for prey) or bird watching. The AMP is designed for those with situational difficulties only, that need to turn up the sound a little. They have been likened to “reading glasses for the ears”. More precisely, from an appearance standpoint, they are like “contact lenses for the ears”, as they fit completely into the recesses of the ear canal with no external tubes, wires, buttons, etc., and are invisible when worn. They are light-weight and comfortable to wear.

The AMP is completely digital with features previously not seen in this price category. including: four-channel signal processing; feedback cancellation; and a magnetic wand that allows patients to turn AMP on and off as well as adjust volume. Elastomeric sleeves designed to promote airflow and reduce occlusion are available in a variety of sizes to fit a range of ear anatomies. The AMP uses a size 10 battery.

The “AMP” addresses two of the main concerns of those with hearing not that are not currently wearing hearing aids, price and cosmetics. This tiny, electronic marvel should be a boon to those that are sometimes frustrated in certain listening situations, that just need a boost in volume for a more relaxed and enjoyable listening experience.

LTO-6 Media Storage Tapes – A Whole New Shift in Media Storage Technology

Optimal data security, reliability and longevity have become the most cursory needs for businesses across the globe when it comes to data storage and backup. Following the colossal demand for data storage solutions, manufacturers are continually putting their best in order to deliver the best media storage solutions.

Apart from the all new cloud data storage solutions and massive data farms, renowned manufacturers, namely IBM and HP have successfully reached the top of the list for delivering the best media storage solutions to global businesses with huge demands for secure and reliable media storage solutions.

Back in 2000s, HP revived the idea of magnetic media storage solutions with a whole new technology named LTO-6 magnetic media tapes. What you may actually want to know is the core scientific advancement that led HP set the classical magnetic media storage solutions to a new horizon of success without compromising data security and reliability.

Here is a set of some of the most phenomenal highlights when it comes to the LTO-6 Media Tapes;

  • Increased data storage capacity.
  • Improved data security and reliability.
  • WORM capabilities that allow choosing between write-once-read-many or rewritable options.
  • Absolute support for the Linear Tape File System.
  • Custom Cartridge Labels.

Let us know expand our span of knowledge by critically looking into and revealing what we have actually achieved in the LTO-6 Technology.

An Undeniable Storage Capacity

From floppy drives up to the all new SSD media storage technology, these magnetic media tapes have actually given a new rise for those who don’t want to stop at all when it comes to backing up their valuable data without compromising their security and reliability.

Let us take an example of the IBM 00V7590 LTO6 Barium Ferrite Media Tapes;

By allowing up to a total of 2.5 TB native media storage capacity and an undeniable 6.25 TB compressed data storage capacity, IBM’s LTO-6 Media Storage Cartridge has reached the top of the list for the World’s best media storage solutions.

Allowing you to surpass all those barriers of data backup limitations and dependability, IBM has been continually receiving an indefinite set of customer and market feedback in regard of its high performance LTO6 Tapes that witnessing ingenious efficiency and performance along with maintaining the best level of security.

Setting new standards of Data Security

Coming up with the best possible data media storage solutions is not only the case. Delivering absolute security and technological reliability is something that’s always above the par level. HP and IBM are the only two manufacturers who really put their best to accomplish a definite approach towards satisfying these two variables for individual customers as well as large scale businesses and organizations.

With the all new Linear Tape File System (LTFS) has proved itself for not only delivering the most unique and reliable approach towards securing the data, but in addition to that it has also become the most compelling media storage solution as it helps the user to directly access and retrieve the data without depending upon the various third party software and applications and many other variable costs for software licensing and copyrights

Computer Support Tutorial For Regular Maintenance

Computer systems used to be for the corporate or the geeks, which have now become a necessity for the people of every walk of life. Today the computer systems are as common household belongings as the television setups are. Now the fact is, large number of computer users are not enough aware of the computer technicalities. Therefore, computer support and troubleshooting is considered to be a serious matter of concern today.

There are several ways to keep your computer running at healthy pace. The common computer errors appear with malicious virus attack, sudden software or hardware breakdown, gradual damage of the system components or due to problems with annoying popups. It is rather wise to maintain your system functionality with a few simple steps instead of spending a few thousand dollars each time on fixing the issues. Online computer support tutorials are available to help non technical users maintain their computer health and troubleshoot basic issues instantly and seamlessly.

  1. You may also think of buying long term PC maintenance service or hire a technician in case anything goes wrong. However, for both the cases you need to stay prepared for a significant expense either onetime or recurring. So, why don’t you maintain your PC health at a regular basis? The practice will not only save your bucks but also will make you learn about the system functionalities in turn.

A computer is nothing but a machine and need little care and maintenance for perfect running. But most of the users still bother for they think it will be an expensive proposition. The fact is just reverse; with online technical support service you can deal with your computer issues for no or a negligible expense. Online computer repair or tech support tutorials teach users with basic system programs and clean up process to make the systems run faster and smoother eradicating all the functional issues. Also these tutorials help back up essential data regularly to face the distress and dangers of sudden memory or other hardware crashes.

To keep your system running faster and maintain data security you need to follow some basic options. Electric current can be the worst enemy of your computer system setup. In fact power surge is considered to be the major cause of critical system issues. So, what is power surge? It is a sudden state of increased power flow through the outlets. Temporary interruption and resumption of electric flow cause massive power surge to come into computer system and damage electro-sensitive components. Purchase a power surge protector for your safety.

Repeated turn on and off may cause data damage and even a system crash. So, as computer support experts says, you need to select the hibernate button to make your PC snooze for the time being.

Now, let’s talk about network support and security maintenance. Tech support professionals always advice users to be alert while accessing intent. One should never download a single file or data from unknown websites. Always make sure you have a latest version of antivirus installed in your system to get optimum protection from vulnerable threats.

Business Day Terry Bradshaw, Science and Technology Series

The Producers of Business Day Terry Bradshaw are proud to announce the launch of a new series “Science & Technology”, as part of its television program. Business Day with Terry Bradshaw ( is a unique television experience that goes beyond typical business news shows.

Man’s eternal quest for knowledge has never quite seemed capable of satiation. Our unrelenting curiosity has brought about profound discoveries, birthed the sciences and modern technology, and shaped a worldview that grows greater in scope by the day. From a fundamental understanding of the elements, such as gravity and mathematics, to a deep comprehension of complex concepts, such as physics and astronomy, the more we understood the world around us, the more we have learned to manipulate it. Where technological achievements began as metallurgy, masonry, and woodwork, today nearly every aspect of our lives is either controlled or enhanced by computers and electronics.

Despite the world nature has given us, man lives in an environment completely of his own fabrication, a true testament to our mastery of science and technology. Join Terry and featured guests of the show as we explore some of the latest innovations and technological achievements in the sciences, and how these discoveries are not only shaping the world we live in today, but redefining the world of tomorrow. Business Day Terry Bradshaw covers the latest trends in industries like communications, agriculture, biotechnology, health care, investments, and many more.

Business Day Terry Bradshaw combs the nation and the globe to bring viewers fascinating business stories and firsthand insights from entrepreneurs within various industries. The television show is broadcast nationally and regionally on many popular television networks.

Making the World A Better Place to Live with Science and Technology

The mobility aid for the disabled has not been truly improved and developed by companies and manufacturers. Most of the companies only look into making profit and thus neglect the core value of helping the disabled and less fortunate ones. This is a disgrace as even though the science and technology has well developed, the application in helping the mobility of the disabled is still very limited. The few mobility aids that are common in our community today and easily accessible are the crutches and wheelchairs. However, both of these mobility aids are not convenient and could be very tiring for the disabled. Lately, we are hearing about the mobility scooters, Power Scooters, or some others call it as the Powerchair. Whatever you call it, this mobility aid is far more convenient for the disabled to move around. The company that is behind the invention of this product from the beginning is the Pride Mobility. In fact, Pride mobility has established itself as one of the top brands in the mobility aid for the disabled in US and UK. Pride mobility is far ahead and has planned well to invent and reinvent their products so that more variety could be produced to meet the needs of the disabled. This type of company is definitely a good example to us as we should concern more about the disabled group of people in our community. With technology, many good can be come out from it and let us start focusing our energy and research on the good values. Hopefully, many more other companies will catch this vision and help make our world a better place with the help of science and technology.

Tips on how to maintain your computer


Computers have become an integral part in the modern world. Almost everything has been computerized to make work easier and efficient. It can be unanimously agreed that the computer is the most important discovery of all time. So many advancements in all industries have resulted as a result of the computer. They are the heart of worldwide communication and a world without computers can be hard to imagine. With the ever advancing technology, the computers are also going through frequent advancements and updates. Who knows what they will do in the future if they can control virtually everything today.

Computers have also become very basic tools at home and at work. Smartphones and other mobile gadgets such as tablets are just modified computers that are portable. Coupled with the invention of the internet, computers have become the driving force in the world today. This rampant use of the internet with our personal computers comes with it virus threats as well as other malicious programs that can affect the performance of a computer or completely destroy it. It is therefore paramount to carry out regular system maintenance. We have become increasingly dependent on these gadgets and we therefore need to take utmost care to ensure they are running smoothly and efficiently as we cannot afford such break down. A computer must go through two major types of maintenance: Corrective and Preventive maintenance. Prevention is always better than cure and preventive maintenance involves keeping the system safe from possible threats. This method looks for and clears possible computer errors and includes simple procedures such as scanning the hard drive for possible viruses, disk defragmentation and disk error correction just to mention but a few. On the other hand, corrective maintenance aims at diagnosing and fixing the already existing problems. The process can involve repairing or replacing the affected computer parts. It is important to use professional services from experts who are specialized in this area to avoid further damage of your computer. Take a moment to maintain your computer and avoid the risks of losing your computer and incurring major costs to repair it. You can get great information, discounted products and services and promotions on Lane Bryant.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 Price, Review and Features

 The word “Galaxy” has got a new meaning added to its dictionary with having the Samsung Company releasing a series of feature packed smartphones with the tag name “Galaxy”. Samsung announced a new addition to the galaxy series during February 2014 and they called it Samsung Galaxy S5. With an alternative name of SM-G900H, this smartphone was released on April 2014. Samsung Galaxy S5 price is Rs.18k approx. in India but was higher when it was introduced and rolled down since then.  Check the Prices of Samsung Mobiles from various stores before buying the mobile.




             Samsung Galaxy S5, basically of touch-screen form factor is of 142.00*72.50*8.10mm dimension and in inches it is 5.59*2.85*0.32 inches. The weight of this smartphone is 145g or 5.11oz. With these factors, the dimension and the weight have proved to add up to the attractive structure of this smartphone.


          A smartphone without good and clear display will not manage to prove itself, as the quality of display is one of the specifications that the crowd wants to have it good. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a display of AMOLED capacitive touch-screen with 16M colours. This proves that Samsung Galaxy S5, never missed to provide the users with a good and clear display. With the screen size of 5.1inches, which is approximately equivalent to 69.6% screen to body ratio, the users of Samsung Galaxy S5 are sure to enjoy a colourful treat through their eyes. While this mobile gives a ‘Yes’ to touch-screen as well as to multi-touch, the resolution of the screen is 1080*1920 pixels with 432 pixels per inch. The display is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with TouchWiz UI.


              Samsung Galaxy S5 is available in four different colors, with two being the formal basic colours. Those two colours are Black, as black as charcoal, and shimmering White. The additive two colors are attractive and wonderful and they are copper Gold and Electric Blue. When these four colors mesmerize the users on one side, they are also amused by the battery capacity of 2800mAh, which comes from a Li-lon removable type. This battery works for up to 21 hours during talktime mode, up to 390 hours during standby mode and up to 67 hours during music play mode.


          The processor of this mobile is 2100 MHz Octa-core with the processor make being Exynos Octo 5420. The chipset being Qualcomm MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801. Samsung Galaxy S5 also has a Random Access Memory of 2 Gigabytes, which is a good number, that helps the users avoid lag and overload problems in their mobile. With Android 4.4.2 KitKat as the operating system, which can be upgraded to v5.0, Lollipop, the skin of this Samsung Galaxy S5 is TouchWiz.


               The storage capacity of this Samsung Galaxy S5 is well structured with an internal storage capacity of 16GB and an expandable storage capacity of 128GB. This expansion could be done via microSD card. This vast amount of storage capacity allows the users to access several files and folders within their smartphone. Saving movies and number of images are all possible in Samsung Galaxy S5, because of the expandable memory capacity.


         With camera features like 6” screen-size, geo-tagging and HDR, Samsung Galaxy S5 has a rear camera of 16MP. This quality camera assures to provide the users with a clear picture, and a video quality which is truly stunning. The features of the rear camera include face and smile detection, touchfocus, panorama and HDR.  Users also get accessed to autofocus in this Samsung Galaxy S5. This front camera captures video at the rate of 2160@30fps, 1080p@60fps and 720p@120fps. The rear camera is accompanied by a LED flash. This Samsung Galaxy S5 which has features like HDR, dual-video recorder, dual video call also has a front camera of 2.1 megapixels.



               Connectivity of this Samsung Galaxy S5 is really heart throbbing with several connecting abilities. This smart mobile accepts Wi-Fi with dual band, Wi-Fi Direct, Hotspot and this Wi-Fi access supports standards of 802.11b/g/n/ac. The GPS accepted by this mobile is accessed with A-GPS, GLONASS and BDS. Samsung Galaxy S5 accepts Bluetooth and USB of v3.0 with MHL 2.1 TV-out and USB host. Though Samsung Galaxy S5 does not have the ability to facilitate FM Radio for the users, a pair of headphones of 3.5mm is provided with this mobile.

              Samsung Galaxy S5 is IP67 certified and is dust and water resistant for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. This mobile accommodates only single SIM that accepts only micro SIM with GSM. This smartphone which has all amazing capacity to entice the customers allows them to enjoy both 3G and 4G connection which is again one of the beneficial factor of this mobile phone.


          This amazing smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S5 has the sensors like Fingerprint sensor and heart rate sensor, Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient Light sensor, Gyroscope and Barometer while this mobile lacks Temperature sensor.

         The performance of this mobile works with Basemark OS 11: 108 / Basemark OS 11 2.0:1060 and Basemark X:11744. The display of this Samsung Galaxy S5 works with the contrast ratio of nominal amount at infinite light and 3.549 at sunlight. The loudspeaker of this smartphone works with 66dB at voice, 66dB at noise and 75dB at ring. The audio quality of Samsung Galaxy S5 is -96.3dB at noise and at -95.2 dB at crosstalk. The battery has an endurance rating of 83 hours.

          This smartphone which has made a place for itself in the world with stiff competition, Samsung Galaxy S5 accepts messages as SMS under threading view, MMS, Email, Push mail and IM. The browser of this mobile being HTML5, this smartphone does not accept JAVA applications.

            The additional features of this mobile includes wireless charging which Qi enabled and is market dependent, Air gestures, S-voice which follows natural language commands as well as dictation, ANT+ support, Dropbox with 50MB of cloud storage, active noise cancellation with dedicated mic, MP3 or WAV player, MP4 or DiVX or H.264 player, photo and video editor and document viewer.     

           Beginning in the range of Rs.50,000/-, Samsung Galaxy S5 has finally rested on the price below Rs.20,000/- bagging a feature score of 83. While the fantastic camera, great battery life performance, innovative software features and its compatibility with Samsung gear accessories are considered to be the advantages of this smartphone, the expensive price tag, cluttered interface and the heart rate monitoring feature which is unreliable remains to be the disadvantages of this smart mobile. Users suggest that one can buy Samsung Galaxy S5 by closing your eyes and they consider this smartphone as a hot cake. Thus, the smart Galaxy S5 never missed to entice the customers with its mind blowing  features.

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Factors to examine before choosing the right gym for you


You can find gyms wherever you go. But finding the right gym foryou takes a lot of effort. It might get a bit confusing to choose the right one for you. But, with a decent gym and excellent guidance, you will be able to achieve and sustain your fitness goal. In Houston,you can find high-qualitygyms with great equipment and excellent training staff.

Are you havingtrouble finding the right gym?By taking advantage of Groupon’s coupons,you can get huge discountsmembership packages at gyms. Not only this, you can connect withseveral different gyms in your area in a very short amount of time. On top of that, you can see reviews other gym go-ers post so that you know a little bit about a gym ahead of time. When you try the coupons you will be amazed.

Firstly, the right gym for you must have the right equipment. Technology helps you more efficiently reach your fitness goals. Always choose a gym with equipment like treadmills, cross trainers, rowing benches, and stair masters, in addition to free weights. You will want a good variety of equipment to explore as you ease your way into becoming a gym rat. These are all products of technology. Any gym without the equipment mentioned above is useless.

If you are only into muscle growth, then make sure to choose a gym with a wide range of weights and machinesthat will help you pump those muscles up. But, if you just want to do yoga, try looking for a gym that has ample space for stretching, possibly even with courses and designated instructors.

Taking a closer look at Houston gyms,you will be able to assess all of the options available to you. These are all quite affordable with the help of Groupon’s coupons.

Last but not least, consider the staff. They are the trainers who push you to a great extent and whose guidance are of utmost value to you in reaching your fitness goals. You must choose a gym that has a great staff. There is no point in waiting around now that you have looked at the criteria for selecting a gym. Go sign up and start making progress toward your goals!

The Psychology of Safety

They always say that ‘mind over matter’ is one of the most important mottos by which to live and it’s quite incredible how much truth this holds on the subject of workplace health and safety. Not that anyone has the divine ability to rule out accidents and prevent incidents by mind-power alone, but when it comes to preventing the vast majority of dangerous and detrimental scenarios it really does come down to 90% thought and 10% action.

Roughly translated, what you’re looking at is an instance where breeding and encouraging the ideal psychology among workers can potentially see the overwhelming majority of everyday accidents and injuries as work sidestepped altogether. Of course, there will always be a quite inescapable need for PPE and proper hands-on efforts and intervention, but such measures will only ever prove in any way useful if business owners target the theoretical and physiological side of workplace safety with just as much importance.

Think of it this way – the UK’s leading fire extinguisher suppliers can provide you with all the kit in the world, but it’s pretty useless if everyone in the workplace sees them as someone else’s responsibility. When the time comes, who reaches for the extinguisher? If they all think it’s not their job to do so, the answer could be nobody.

Assess Attitudes

So realistically, the first thing to consider if not already covered is the way in which employees and workers for the most part actually think about health and safety at work…assuming they think about it at all. Just as it is in no way productive for a worker to spend every hour of every day in blissful ignorance, it is also of no benefit to spend the whole working day paranoid about potential hazards. Striking a balance is essential and can only be done after first finding out about the workforce’s current attitudes to health and safety.

Target Grey Areas

Once the above has been addressed, it then becomes possible to pick out and isolate any grey areas that could prove detrimental. It could be that a certain type of PPE has been widely misinterpreted or it could be that employee safety focus is out if balance – it should be easy to see where any widespread problems in knowledge and understanding lie in order to begin addressing them.

As already touched upon, it’s also a good idea to revisit things like essential fire safety perhaps a little more often than you probably believe necessary. If you were to go around the office right now and ask every single staff member where the nearest fire extinguisher was, what kind of extinguisher it is and what sort of fires it is suitable for, how many do you reckon would get every answer right? Whichever way you look at it, even 90% awareness of these kinds of things can prove to be nothing short of catastrophic should the unexpected occur.

Encourage Interaction

Something else to consider is the fact that it’s all too easy to fall into a false sense of security and assume that someone else is looking after your safety and security, if you yourself are not apparently playing any role in it. As such, if workplace health and safety isn’t a constant, on-going and two-way effort involving all employees across the board, they cannot be expected to hold it with any real regard. If this is the case, an important step is to encourage interaction and begin the introduction of on-going health and safety practices/procedures that help drive the message home that it is indeed everyone’s concern.

Consult With the Professionals

Senior management and business owners will always have a good level of knowledge when it comes to health and safety…or at least, they should. Nevertheless, they aren’t what could be called fully-fledged health and safety experts and nor can they be expected to keep up to date with each and every new development, 365 days a year. This is why it’s crucial for those in positions of responsibility to periodically consult with the real professionals – even if it’s simple to see what’s new in the world of fire prevention and extinguisher technology.

Reward Innovation

And finally, it’s always worth remembering that human psychology dictates that at least 99.9% of people react and function more positively if they think they are going to get something out of it. As such, an excellent method of putting a positive spin on health and safety in the workplace is to offer rewards and incentives for relevant ideas and innovation, so as to give the subject as a whole something of a more pleasant and desirable twist in the minds of workers.

Keep Track Of Your Devices from Potential Hackers and Intruders with the Help of The Leomaster App

With rapid increase in the advancement of technology, it becomes extremely difficult to be aware and always be at par with the latest problems of hacking and privacy intrusion which comes along with the benefit of technology. Hence it can be said that technology often comes with its pros and cons for the people. With the launch of newer gadgets and gizmos, the potential scope of hacking information and data also increases .Keeping regular track of your devices becomes very tedious a job and hence people are often exposed to numerous problems with their devices and other gadgets.

Much updated regular version of the app

 The Leo Master privacy guard is a new idea of protecting your privacy and personal information on your iOS and android devices from intruders and hackers. It is generally a much updated version and has more than 100 million users worldwide. The LEO Privacy Guard generally comes with various features which are provided to its users and has hence been very popular ever since.

The newest additions to the Leomaster Privacy guard app

Among the latest features of the Leomaster Privacy guard app, is the developing of new interface design and outlay for better viewing of the users. This provides convenience and benefit for the users of this app. They have optimizing privacy scans and the additional FAO functions are effective and useful to the people. They make the app user friendly and simple. It even has created functions and outlays which helps in automated battery saving. It reduces the overall power consumption on your phone and thus, improves the quality working and performance of the phone. The Leomaster Company has also the feature of the crank call interception in order to prevent crank call. They include a strong design for the protection of passwords or keywords which can be provided on the phone by the users. The feature helps the user or the installer to generate proper and complex passwords and protect them.

Newest Anti-Flood Technology in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans is situated right in between the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Pontchartrain. New Orleans is barely above sea level at its highest point, and below sea level at its lowest. This, along with a number of nearby shipping canals leaves New Orleans especially vulnerable to hurricanes, as the water that overflows the nearby bodies of water has nowhere to go.

In 2009, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began building a barrier capable of shielding New Orleans against swells up to 16 feet, along with a pumping station designed to send floodwaters back out to sea.

The project is expected to cost about $500 million, and is just the latest component of the $14 billion plan to protect the 240,000 residents of New Orleans from storms like Katrina

The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway is an industrial waterway stretching over 1,000 miles from Florida to Texas and facilitates the transportation of millions of tons of cargo every year. It also offers an ideal path from the Gulf for storm surges to flood homes and businesses.

When a hurricane approaches, the West Closure Complex will defend the town in two ways. First, metal 32 foot high, 225 foot wide metal gates will close, blocking the storm surges. Second, the largest pumping station in the world will begin pulling 150,000 gallons of floodwater every second and sending it back out to sea.

Unlike the levees that failed miserably when Katrina struck in 2005, this structure is designed to stand up to just about anything, including 140 mph winds and even runaway barges, according to project manager Tim Connell.

The project came together smoothly, and the Corps met its goal of having the project complete and online in 2011.

The largest concern after loss of life with flooding is the incredibly high potential cost of water damage reconstruction.  After Hurricane Andrews, damages were estimated at twenty one billion, and after Hurricane Katrina, over sixty billion, a large portion of which was flood / water damage.

More about flood and water damage at

Micro Board Connectors for SMART Applications and Wire to Board Connectors

Connectors form a crucial part for any electronic equipment. Without them, these amazing electrical gadgets would become dysfunctional and would turn into trinkets for show. AS technology gets more advanced with every passing day, the connectors built are getting more evolved and updated to suit the latest requirements. Such is the case micro board connectors which have taken a huge leap with the changing times. Numerous micro board connectors have come up for smart applications that require the specifications of these connectors to function properly.

Additionally, wires to board connectors are also used in electronic gadgets. These are equally important as micro board connectors. In this article, we have discussed a few categories of micro board connectors as well as wire to board connectors. Read on to find out more.

Micro Board Connectors

There are a number of types of micro board connectors. Following are a few categories of micro board connectors.

  1. Micro USB connectors

There is a wide range of micro USB (Universal Serial Bus) connectors that you can benefit from. These are primarily of two categories, namely micro USB B type and micro USB AB type. The micro USB B type is of high reliability input and output connectors. These have 5 contacts and come with a printed circuit board mount. It also supports a data transfer rate of 480 mbps.

  1. Micro coaxial cable assemblies

There a number of micro coaxial cable assemblies to choose from. These are a hundred percent conductivity tested and are used primarily in the wireless market for wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth, GPS (Global Positioning System), GSM and so on. Many applications use a micro coaxial cable assembly mating along with a wireless module on the printed circuit board connector for ease of use.

Wire to Board Connectors

You can now build your perfect cable assembly by making use of the wire to board connectors. These are primarily of two types, the details of which have been given as follows.

  1. Wire to Board Headers

A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 22 contacts are available for these. The pitch varies between 0.8 mm and 1.2 mm and is primarily surface mount header (male) type. The orientation could either be right angle or vertical. The mated profile varies between 1.45 to 6.30 mm.

  1. Wire to board assembly builder

With the help of these wires to board assembly, you can create the perfect cable assembly that you need. These come in two variations, which are standard assembly and break out assembly. Choose the one that you require wisely to benefit the most.

If you are looking for micro board connectors for smart applications or wire to board connectors, then you must settle for nothing less than the best. And you would find the best, no doubt, at which is your one stop shop for all electronic requirements. While buying these connectors, make sure to find out all there is to know about them including specifications and features. This way, you will know exactly which one would suit your requirement the best.

Trust this Provider for Buying Best Variants in LED Light Fixtures

paclightsLED Light Fixtures are by far the best innovation that has happened in the arena of high-quality lighting. It is for this reason that I desired to install this modern technology in my home surroundings as well as in my place of business. I did not have to worry much as I had one of the best LED specialists by my side that depicted valuable experience in LED lighting. This setup had several types of advanced technology illumination sets and that also included the hot-selling incandescent bulbs. I had these range of fluorescent LED bulbs installed. Not only was the overall installation absolutely hassle-free, but my electric bills have drastically reduced saving me from expending up to 30 percent. I thank this expert service provider for advising me in selecting the best range of fixtures.

LED Outdoor Lighting was recommended for installation by this provider. It is through this thoroughbred specialist that I got to know many of the cues that have to be considered in selecting my light system. By getting expert assistance from this provider I could get hassle-free installation at my home and also at office. The quality of my home illumination improved drastically. All the range of LED lighting provided by this service provider rendered me the benefit of energy efficiency. Besides its functionalities, I liked the technology embodied in my LED variants that kept them cool all the time. I was wary of the fixtures that got heated up in just a short time, as was the case in all my fixtures that I had installed them on certain previous occasions.

My LED Light Fixtures that this provider installed for me were so stunning that they were the envy of all the onlookers. The highlight of these variants was that they perfectly synced my home and office environments. Both my residence and office environments got the visibility that I expected of my illumination sets of attracting. My house and office is structured on geometrical foundation, which is why installing the best wall packs rendered my environment optimal aesthetical excellence. These sets of illumination were also perfect for keeping all the intruders at bay. These LED variants had special abilities to light up my areas at work and home.

These days you can find innumerable LED lighting providers that all claim to be the best in this avenue of business. It would be important to get insight into the operations of your provider. While the packs can suit your home or office, you ought to choose a variant that can give your home a cooler environment with Kelvin temperature enhanced to higher levels.

The variant with color blue will signify better coolness than the yellow variant of lighting which could give your house warming effect. This service provider was instrumental in giving me a good insight on the technicalities. It is through this service provider that I got to know more about the lighting and fixtures so as to help me choose my lighting options with better care and caution. I was happy that my home and business setup had certified products installed formidably.

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Must Have KODI Add-ons For Your Android TV Box





If you are one of those who is on the look out for an Android TV box, make sure you consider KODI support which can provide with integral factors. Those who are looking to make the maximum from the pre-installed KODI software should consider installing the right add-ons. This will considerably enhance your user experience.

So without further ado, here are some of the best add-ons you can find for KODI Android TV boxes this 2015:

  1. Add-on Installer – this add-on is a staple for your Android TV box. KODI add-ons will be a lot easier to install if you spend the time learning how to install this installer. Insert “yo dawg” here, as old as that pun could be. Moving on, download the installer using a web browser. Transfer it to your TV box. Now open up KODI. Go to Settings->Addons->Install Fromm ZIP File, select Add-on Installer, and let your TV box do the rest.
  1. YouTube – yes, YouTube has been around even before Android TV box Kodi entered the market. This add-on, however, is still a classic that you should never pass by – especially since watching YouTube on a home theater system gives it a much more cinematic feel than watching it hunched over your phone, tablet or laptop.
  1. OpenSubtitles – if you’re a fan of foreign films but need the help of subtitles to understand what’s going on or simply prefer watching movies with the subs turned on, then you’ll definitely want to install OpenSubtitles on your Android TV box. Android TV box Kodi add-ons like these automatically hook up the movies you have lined up with subtitles found on the ‘net – a very useful feature for some folks.
  1. ROM Collection Browser – do you have your old Nintendo or Sega games lying about? Then ROM Collection Browser is an add-on you’ll want to install on your KODI-supported Android TV box. It even downloads art and information from the ‘net to help give your ROM collection an appealing library feel. Just hook up a game controller and you should be good to go!
  1. Twitch– Do you like keeping up with the latest professional teams or are a fan of entertainers that blend. Make sure you install twitch add-on. This add on is a must to install for any gamer, their Android TV with KODI support. To install the Twitch app go to Google Play Store on your Android TV box. KODI, however, lumps it along with the other streaming services you have on your box – keeping them all nice and organized in one place.
  1. Crunchyroll – fans of anime, manga and Asian dramas will be very pleased to know that Crunchyroll has released an add-on for XMBC TV boxes. Users can watch anime for free, or can sign up for a fee to get access to even more content that is ad-free and higher-quality streams. You’ll definitely want to grab a premium membership for the 720p and 1080p streams that will really make full use of the wider viewing space of display devices hooked up to Android TV box Kodi.
  1. Rdio – if you are a Rdio enthusiast make sure you sign up for a Rdio account to access a variety of music. The Rdio also offers with a social networking integration that permits users to listen to what others are listening. Or you can customize your own station so that it plays the music you want to. Interested users can sign up for the paid or the unpaid version that offers infinite ad-free music. This can be downloaded and listened to when you are not connected to the internet. You can even stick to the free model with occasional ads and restrictions on rewinds, skips and restarts.

Keep these apps in mind, and you’ll be able to do so much more with your Android TV box. KODI add-ons are, after all, what make the platform stand out head and shoulders from the competition!

Are you searching for the best Android TV box along with KODI as a Pre installed feature? Do give a good look. They are a Hong Kong-based gadget wholesaler who sells a variety of gadgets at lower prices.


Why Boss Cellular Deserves the Best Verizon MVNO Accolades

boss-cellularWhat’s in a phone service’s brand name, you might ask? After all, they offer similar services and pricing is almost the same, isn’t it? Well, if this is your line of thinking then you are in for a big surprise. For a long time phone users have been fed with such convoluted arguments in order to stay with the same exorbitant service provider.

Revolutionizing Phone Services

Well, Boss Cellular is changing all this through their unique blend of services.  It is no wonder then that the company is earning praise as thebest Verizon MVNO across the U.S. If you are still stuck with your old service and feel there is no better deal out there this multi-carrier mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is here to set the record straight.

They want to prove that indeed you can enjoy cheaper rates on a reliable network.  Why is Boss Cellular being called the best prepaid phone service? Here are some reasons:

  1. Customer-Oriented Services

For a long time the top 4 phone service providers in the U.S have stuck to rigid payment modules.  For starters you are forced to pay even for what you don’t need.  If you don’t need data for instance they didn’t offer flexible payment plans to ensure you just paid for calls and SMS.  With this new service you pay for what you use, be it data, SMS or data.

  1. No Contact Hassles

Owning a phone has been a burden due to the lopsided contracts which tied you down to one service.  With the ingeniously designed Boss Cellular payment plan you will get services without a contract and payments will be on affordable monthly bases.  This makes it easy to switch whenever you feel there is a better deal though you can bet there is no one providing such an ideal package.

  1. Versatile Phone Packages

What type of a phone user are you? Do you love browsing or you are always on call? Whatever you need this MVNO has it for you. There are different plans including Verizon family, basic, unlimited talk, data and SMS prepaid payment plans. This means everyone is welcome to join the bandwagon and enjoy superior services.

  1. Cost-savings

When you decide to switch to Boss Cellular you don’t have to fret about the cost. How is this possible? Well, the payment plans are monthly and affordable and moreover, you don’t have to change the phone.  In essence, it is a win-win situation where you get a reliable yet cost-efficient phone service.  It is no wonder retailers are calling this company the best Verizon MVNO.

  1. Network Clarity

By using towers of the most established phone service providers including Verizon, the company is assuring you of clear and reliable network coverage coast to coast.  You don’t have to worry about connection when you cross borders because Verizon is represented whenever you go.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) phone services customer service levels are rated below 43%. Boss Cellular understands this and is already changing this view.  By employing American trained agents and enabling wireless retailers to sort customer complaints Boss Cellular guarantees best practices in this area.

Clearly, things can only get better if you join the best prepaid phone service. Why keep suffering when there is an alternative?
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Survismeter, Singapore patent, New Chapter added to Science and Technology

Especially in science it is utmost to survive if someone is competent to sale the ideas. Then the remittances are recorded in the history, all worlds famous Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian civilizations were contribution to millions of dedicated workers who sacrificed themselves for creating history. An element of salability is frontier science now in contrast to 17th to 19th centuries where time was for developing or fostering fundamentals ideas or concepts. However the 20th century has been a transition or interface of the idea developmental sciences and idea marketing or commercialization. Currently, it has become an urgency of the time to cater the basic needs of an increasing pressure of the population growth globally. Now commercialization of science has become inevitable and is gaining grounds further in all frontal areas like communication, transport, electronic gadgets, auto transports, information technology, education, electronic and print media, medical and medicinal sciences, house and building technology, warfare and so on and so forth. It is different issue that few are misusing scientific information and technology for unethical actions. Though such section of society dare to commercialize scientific ideas but in negative direction. Of course time is there to dare and dreams to socialize sciences.

Hence the scientific dreams open new frontiers of sparkling world to facilitate people’s working, especially, for experimentation, chemical combinations and formulations to unveil their hidden industrial potential, novel ideas and valuable applications thereof. For such appreciable working advancements and industrial applications, certain workable, approachable, accessible, fascinating and interest burning vehicles are required. The vehicles must not be routine science but must also safeguard environmental and user’s safeties with novel concepts to resolve unnoticed, unbreakable and undreamable hypothesis and science involved in them.

The science is a boat or bundles or ideas generating fertile land to carry forward an implementation and transformation into reality which is based on dreams. Kekule, a German organic chemist in 1865, dreamt benzene structure, Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician Pythagoras, dreamt height of fallen tree, Newton, dreamt of falling apple from tree why to come downward only why not to sky, Einstein, dreamt E=mc2 mass energy relationship, though its immediate application in year 1945 by bombarding nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, massacred thousands and thousands of Japanese. They developed their dreams into respected theories and are being practiced by society as success science stories.

Similarly, the Survismeter was dreamt and its science, concept, idea, were industrially transformed in service of man. The dreamer of the Pythagoras theorem, benzene structure, mass energy relationship, gravitation law (Newton) are no more but dreamer of the survismeter is moving forwards in search of new science. Of course, there are certain difficulties associated with the surviving dreamers or inventors of success science stories as people sometimes have different blank slates for them. For example, many inventors including Galileo, an Italian Scientist, faced tough challenged to put forwards his scientific discoveries.

It is highly appreciable that many researchers like Nepal Chemical Society, have shown gesture initiative to launch the survismeter in Nepal. Notably sincere and honest researchers Professor Sujeet Kumar Chatterjee and Ajaya Battarai, Tribhuvan University, have moved forwards a vision of survismeter to those who are seriously pursuing science for learning as students or practicing professionals as teachers, researchers and application scientists to create new milestone in Asian countries. Similar other visionaries are awaited to come forward for fostering this Asian invention. Their notice and attention probably may ignite interest further for novel research out of Survismeter Success Science Story-S4. The survismeter is an Asian initiative and a matter pride of Asian countries, with provisions and opportunities to measure Surface Tension, Interfacial Tension, Excess Surface Concentration, Wetting Coefficients, Viscosity and Friccohesity together. Its use encourages savings of 98% experimental resources like experimenter’s time, laboratory infrastructure and occupation, electricity, manpower, water and chemicals, with no experimental hazards and no discharge of polluting effluents along nurturing, ridging, scratching, tinkling, sprinkling and trudging  notions for science among budding and would be scientists.

Its science is R4-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Redsign and nothing goes waste. The survismeter works on theory of Potential Energy and Liquid Distribution and Equilibrium [PELDE] in CPU-controlled pressure unit. Now the S4 is a glaring example before all of us to socialize the science as a green and clean technology [GCT] whose adoption right from beginning could prevent environmental hazards and also accelerate natural ecosystem, especially in Nepal, a country of green lands. Tribhuvan University, Department of Chemistry, Mahendra Morang Adarsh Multiple Campus, deserves Heroic Public Reception for kindling the survismeter by leaps and bounds from its heartland.The origin of ideas, difficulties faced in, calibration at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, and Patent by Singapore Govt., successful commercialization, all, have been a unique kind of intensified struggle. Now it has been installed worldwide along developing new applications in a form of substantial assets in hands of researchers within economic boundaries.All these events took one and half decades in notching and framing a new Chapter added to Science and Technology from Asian lands. The fundamental science of the survismeter is credited with a well known notion “Need is mother of invention” but latter on it was noted and tilted “Zeal is mother of invention” due to its elongated struggle and highly discouraging public criticism without analyzing its merit. Since people are conventional but talk nonconventional, this creates fission to their vision. The conventional people are within box thinking and doing in very routine way and dare not for new look. However they pose as their thinking and doing both, are novel. New ideas at all cost must be appreciated and encouraged for validity and industrial validity. Otherwise as none saw falling apple in Brookfield’s, Cannon, Ubbelohde viscometers for viscosity and Wilhelmy Plate Tensiometer for surface tension, individually are being imported from Western and European countries mainly from USA. The detailed information about survismeter science, its applications etc could be sought from references listed under.

New Balance Basketball Shoes With New Technology

In the world of competitive basketball, shoe technology has long been an active participant. Basketball shoes have been attached with NBA most times.That’s a reason why those shoes brand sell a good money and young people love them. A kind of new basketball shoes called New Balance Basketball Shoes are now in the market for sale, it takes new techonology.

It’s shoes build with stability, support and durability.

Some of the groundbreaking and innovative technologies that make New Balance Basketball Shoes such a team-sports favorite are:

Blown Rubber: 40% lighter then solid rubber. The addition of air makes for a softer, more cushioned landing. Again, New Balance shoes step up and bring the required ”airborne” qualities required by coaches and players, making New Balance Basketball Shoes an obvious choice and team-champion.

Cool Max: A 100% spun polyester found in New Balance apparel, including New Balance Basketball Shoes that wicks moisture away from the skin and accelerates evaporation.

Dry Last: A lightweight micro nylon spandex filament with the softhand like cotton and the performance features of Lycra?. This stretch nylon is quick-drying, durable, colorfast and shrink resistant.

These days, New Balance running shoes have become incredibly specialized and there is usually a match suitable for any unique set of needs you can imagine. Online stores like New Balance North Shore categorize the men’s running shoes as well as the women’s running shoes, allowing you to shop easily through the various styles:

Motion control running shoes offer maximum stability to control over-pronation. They are best for runners with a heavier stature, flat fleet, weak ankles, fallen arches or general stability problems.

Stability running shoes combine a moderate level of stability and cushioning. They are suitable for most runners with medium-to-low arches.

Managing Engineering & Technology Organizational Structure

All organizations have a structure that defines how work is organized, who has the authority over work and workers and what work processes are used. The nature of these structures varies ranging from from those companies organized by function and utilizing a top-down reporting structure, to those taking a project-based approach, where assignments may be fluid and responsibility for work may be distributed. Engineering and technology organizations benefit greatly from a project-based or matrix structure.


  • The ways in which organizations are structured has evolved over time. In the early days of the American republic, entrepreneur founders often led companies. Over time, professional management came into being and managers were given responsibility for specific functions, such as sales, purchasing, manufacturing, administration or engineering. As organizations become more robust and their functions more diversified, this became the norm. In the 1970s, with the rapid development of technology, organization by project emerged. Many engineering and technology companies now organize in this matrix fashion.


  • Functional or matrix organizations are two ends of an organizational spectrum. Many companies include elements of both and may be classified as weak matrix, balanced matrix or strong matrix, depending on the extent they use a project-oriented structure and the level of authority given to project managers.


  • The structure of an organization affects how successfully a company is able to meet its strategic objectives or goals. While a functional group is responsible for ensuring the quality of current products and processes, it is the project-oriented activities that create the products and processes that take a company successfully into the future.


  • Good and timely communication is essential for success in a matrix-style organization. In a functional structure, much of the communication follows the “line of command,” but in a matrix-style organization communication is much more complex and occurs among the various project team members. There is more room for misunderstanding and misinterpretation.


  • A matrix-style organizational structure provides project-oriented companies with improved cohesiveness. Resources, such as staff, time, equipment and money, can be brought to bear more efficiently on specific problems and shared more effectively across projects. Matrix organizations may benefit from improved teamwork and improved morale. Team members are exposed to a wider variety of challenges developing their skills and knowledge to a higher level.

Free information technology computer certification training

Information technology computer certification preparation can extend in the expenditure from free computer help to the hundreds from dollars and sometimes can enter into the thousands. The students of knowledge and the repair technology of computer want best reliable IT training of certification available to low possible cost. The price is important but they do not want to sacrifice on the quality of the formation of the electronics education.

This is what you desire to make release in line information technology computer certification formation to offer which to be salutary for the student who to envisage on passing the test on the first try? The free education of certification of computer can to only take you up to now. You will learn the foundations but you will not be able to pass an examination of official recognition enough. Many Websites will give you the free knowledge sources in order to draw you inside, thus you will buy certain material for the formation (guides of study, private lessons on line and questions of examination of practice).

Paying the high dollar your training in line or of classroom pertaining to IT for better qualifications to prepare you for your final examination? You can find enough information and of certification of computer on the Internet which will prepare you entirely for your final examination of documentation, if you can really what seek. It is sometimes useful to obtain the council of somebody who took it with examination of IT documentation. You will have to spend a certain amount of money in order to be entirely had for your final test.

After you achieved your information of certification pertaining to technology training will you be completely been willing to pass it your examination? You can be formed very well in the repair of computer or the operating system and software’s of windows but not be able to pass your final test. The classroom and the questions in line of examination of practice will not be able to prepare you in right proportion for an examination of certification, unless you study the real test. IT assessment of certification is different from all other examinations and without test preparation you will not be entirely ready to pass this final online testing situation.
Is there a thing such as the preparation of information technology examination relating to the computer and operating systems on the way in which to pass your IT test on first attempt? There are very few accessible resources on line or classroom in whom you will be able to find the formation suitable of these qualifications. To know to pass an examination and to apply the study which you acquired is an art which can be also learned. The catch of assessment to obtaining your official recognition pertaining to computer knowledge requires the qualifications which you can easily collect by using the good and appropriate material for the formation of the final test.

Are all the materials and private lessons of practice questions the same ones? Materials and information can be dated outside. Microsoft and other companies are constantly updated with new questions and material on the examinations that are final. Microsoft and other companies always update their system to make better improvements. These companies must be on industry with new knowledge. The formation of assessment needs also new questions of material and of industry in order to follow companies of expert information like Microsoft.

How to pass your examination of certification of technology information? It is the question which all the students of computer should put. To have the formation and the qualifications about the computers in the IT field is good for knowledge. The reception of your formation of examination of certification of technology information will profit you more because you will be been willing to pass your test. Your knowledge will not obtain work to you. The response of your qualifications can give you a high position of payment.

Pyrolysis is an Emerging Green Technology

Pyrolysis is an emerging technology and its green credentials when the feed is biomass are top notch. Everyone who has lit a wood or coal fire and watched it burn has seen pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is usually the first chemical reaction that occurs in the burning of many solid organic fuels, like wood, cloth, and paper, and also of some kinds of plastic.

In a wood fire, the visible flames are not due to combustion of the wood itself, but rather of the gases released by its pyrolysis; whereas the flame-less burning of embers is the combustion of the solid residue (charcoal) left behind by it.

Although the basic concepts of the process have been validated, the performance data for an emerging technology have not been evaluated according to methods approved by EPA and adhering to EPA quality assurance/quality control standards.

Waste is converted to a fuel by heating the waste which burns just as coal or wood does under the right controlled conditions. Whereas incineration fully converts the input waste into energy and ash, these processes limit the conversion so that combustion does not take place directly.

Waste Plastic under pressure and catalytic cracking produces fuel and can be used as a fuel source. Under certain temperature conditions the plastic macromolecular chains are broken down into small molecular chains (simple hydrocarbon compounds) and those small molecular compounds contain C4 to C20, this compound is a component of petrol, coal oil, and diesel.

Anhydrous pyrolysis can also be used to produce liquid fuel similar to diesel from solid biomass.

Fast pyrolysis occurs in a time of a few seconds or less. Therefore, not only chemical reaction kinetics but also heat and mass transfer processes, as well as phase transition phenomena, play important roles. Fast pyrolysis is a process in which organic materials are rapidly heated to 450 – 600 degrees C in absence of air. Under these conditions, organic vapors, permanent gases and charcoal are produced.

Researchers at Virginia Tech have identified pyrolysis as a potential technology for disposing of poultry litter. The ultimate goal of the project is to develop transportable pyrolysis units to process the waste from poultry growers within one locality, thus reducing transportation cost. Researchers believe that the char, an inert and highly porous material, plays a key role in helping soil retain water and nutrients, and in sustaining microorganisms that maintain soil fertility. Researchers have obtained from wood – initially beech and then coniferous species – oils with almost ideal characteristics. Straw, which has a lower energy yield – 50% as opposed to 70% for wood – is also due to be analysed in the near future.

Bill Gates’ personal investment vehicle, is reportedly backing Sapphire Energy, a start up working towards a commercial-scale facility to produce oil from algae, but we think he would do well to look at gasification and pyrolysis as his energy technology because there are so many possibilities in this technology.

Gasification technology also offers the possibility to create a new domestic supply of gas. It works by converting the hydrocarbons in coal, biomass and waste petroleum products into a gas called “syngas” that can be used in place of natural gas to generate power, or used in manufacturing as fuel or feedstock. Gasification avoids many problems which can occur in biogas digesters, and is also able to process lignin and cellulose, which are hard to ferment

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology

A Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology, or BSEET is designed for those that have obtained an associated degree in electronic technology from a junior college. Four year colleges that offer BSEET degrees will apply all credits obtained from the associate degree towards a BSEET degree. On the other hand, four years colleges won’t apply most of those credits to a BSEE degree.


  • A BSEET degree is often mistaken for other types of electronic engineering degrees. And that is because BSEE degrees, that is Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineer degrees offered by colleges are often inadvertently called Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology. Coursework for the BSEET is developed for those that have acquired an associate degree in electronic technology, usually from a junior college. While coursework for most other electronic engineering degrees are developed for those that have met more generalized engineering course requirements, such as college calculus, physics and chemistry.

Job Oriented Education

  • Electronic technicians and electronic technologists often obtain a two-year certificate or associate degree in electronic technology at a junior college. With the associate degree they often can obtain work as an electronic technician. The credits they obtained for the associate degree can then be applied to their BSEET. The program is designed for those who wish to work as an electronic technician and eventually obtain a bachelor degree. Those that work towards a BSEE degree often can’t obtain work as an electronic technician after two years of lower division undergraduate work. This is because they take more academic classes as opposed to taking more practical hands-on electronics classes.


  • Salaries for those with BSEET degrees are in generally high and as high as other electronic engineering degrees. reports that the median wage range for those with BSEETs range between $60,000 and $100,000 per year as of 2010. Payscale’s data suggest that salary can be correlated to the school you attend. The Milwaukee institute reports that its BSEET graduates start out at $54.000 a year.


  • The BSEET emphasizes a broader base of working electronic knowledge. These job-oriented BSEET curriculum also emphasize electronic laboratory coursework. There, students design and build electronic products that are often main stream emphasis within industry. Mathematics and science coursework is often only presented only within the context of electronics and electronic systems. Higher level academic math, such as differential and integral calculus is not studied, instead advanced math is limited to the more practically oriented technical mathematics.

Entrance Requirements

  • If you want to obtain a BSEET degree from a four year college, you most often need an associate science degree in electronic technology from a junior college. Often four colleges and two-year colleges partner together to offer electronic technology degrees that allow the student to directly transfer associate degree credits directly towards a BSEET degree. Many schools that offer the BSEET only offer the last two years or upper undergraduate division requirements. This makes it mandatory that students complete all lower undergraduate units at the junior college.

Nike Releases New Technology Torch

The world is changing from time to time, to catch up with the fashion of the world, even if big companies like Nike should set their products according to the trend. Moreover, innovation is one of the most excellent features of Nike. All in a Nike sportswear pays its very attention on how to improve the wearing experience for athletes after race. Thus, Nike Shoes design team draws on the experience of professional football boot, and mix the concept of lessen weight and reduced volume together, launched a new and creative technology- Torch. Torch It is a lightweight three-tiered textile which can control the humidity as well as provide comfort. The surface layer is of protective diamond-shaped structure which prevents the textile deformed. Unlike the traditional textile, it will not wrinkle when pressed. The middle layer is made of light material, fully meets the after race needs, such as relax after match or a stroll through the city all day long. As for the inner layer, the material is permeability. What`s more, its control of humidity keeps your feet dry and comfortable. All in all, torch takes after match relaxation needs into consideration and provides you the best feeling. Now, torch is widely used in many classical 2010 spring and summer Nike sportswear products. For example, Air Max BW Gen II、Air Force1 and air maxim 1 not only applied torch technology, but also conducted a number of technical improvements. We have no idea what is the next step of Nike, will it launch another technology? What we do know is that Nike is working hard to improve their products to meet our very demands to make us live better.

Science Teachers Use Technology to Make Learning Fun

A special hands on Science and Technology workshop is coming to San Antonio, Texas. This workshop is for science teachers and designed for them to learn more about the new technologies that have came out that make science more hands on. Currently, Science programs have labs once and a while, but mostly consist of bookwork. By introducing science teachers to these new technologies, they are able to create more fun and interactive science lessons.

Science is supposed to be a hands on subject. The fact that schools are creating lesson plans ore around bookwork doesn’t help students fully understand the capabilities that science careers have to offer. When the teachers go to this Science and Technology workshop, this will give them more information to pass onto their students about the exciting things science careers have to offer. When teachers offer more labs and more hands on science training, it helps the students to learn better. Anything hands on is always better than bookwork. Of course, bookwork combined with labs is best. By adding technology to the labs, students are able to track data more efficiently and analyze it better.

When the teachers integrate the technology into the labs, students are amazing at how much more they can learn and track by having access to the science technology. The technology is said to enhance learning in chemistry, biology, physics, math, middle school science, physical science and earth science. It is so important for teachers to attend outside of school triaging and this Science and Technology Workshop is a great way to start.

Effective teachers are teachers that are constantly going out of their way to go above and beyond for their students.  They are constantly attending trainings and seeking outside education to enhance their careers and give them tools to better their students and help learning be easier for them. No teacher likes to fail a student. They want their students to pay attention to what they are teaching, learn from them and score well on tests. Happy students in class create a healthy and thriving learning environment. Schools now a day lack the presence of effective teachers and it is so important for schools to hire great teachers. The union currently protects all the teachers who once were effective but have gotten lazy and are not anymore. How is this fair for the students?

A teacher that seeks outside education to better him or herself so they can be a better educator is great. Sadly it’s rare for the United States schools to have a majority of effective teachers. By creating free workshops such as these, it give the teachers access to great tools that can better their teaching and create thriving learning environments for their students. Technology has come a long way and even since the teachers have graduated from college technology is ever changing! Its so important for these workshops to be readily available and also for schools to create workshops showing off the new technologies that have been invented to better their schools rating and their students test scores.

Scenario of science and technology

Science and technology has vast applications today. There are so many job options available, that one will get lost while finding one.  Confusion starts when you know what field you want to be in, but aren’t sure which career within that occupation to choose.

This is an era for science and technology. For the longer term,  science and technology is helping to tackle the many challenges from wide range of sphere.  Many problems like purification and cleaning  water, air, environment, using high end technology in computers, machines, automobiles etc. are dealt.

Hence it is clear that science and technology can spur innovation, transform existing industries, create new business models and give birth to entire new. The scale of potential impact has led to a massive increase in science funding from the public and private sector globally. This increased funding is fuelling the growth of opportunities to work in existing disciplines, in emerging sectors and in the jobs of the future which will result from developments on the horizon.

Concept that science provides the ideas for technological innovations and that pure research is therefore essential for any significant advancement in industrial civilization. Most of the greatest changes in industrial civilization cannot be traced in the laboratory. Fundamental tools and processes in the fields of mechanics, chemistry, astronomy, metallurgy, and hydraulics were developed before the laws governing their functions were discovered. The steam engine, for example, was commonplace before the science of thermodynamics elucidated the physical principles underlying its operations.

In recent years a sharp value distinction has grown up between science and technology. Advances in science have frequently had their bitter opponents, but today many people have come to fear technology much more than science. For these people, science may be perceived as a serene, objective source for understanding the eternal laws of nature, whereas the practical manifestations of technology in the modern world now seem to them to be out of control.

This representative spectrum of future science and technology developments and highlighting the kinds of jobs that could emerge as a result. We recognise that many of these developments could be considered contentious. Naturally, serious consideration will be required of the broader societal implications of these developments.

Effective Planning and Implementation of Computer Technology in Schools

In today’s world, the workplace has been transformed.  Computer technology is present to one degree or another in virtually every job or profession.  To prepare students adequately for the workplace we must recognize that integrating computer technology into the classroom is essential.  To execute this integration properly, careful planning must precede implementation.  We must be prepared to explore different means of implementation inasmuch as there is no perfect system or a “one size fits all” software program.  Each institution must decide to what degree they will implement technology and how quickly they will do so.  It is also important to appeal to educational leaders for support as well as gathering preferences from both teachers and students.

In his article, “Investing in Digital Resources” David McArthur explored the notion that the decision regarding whether or not to use technology as an educational medium has already been made.  What must be done is plan carefully to ensure that the long-range goals of technology integration are properly served.

The leaders in higher education must “plan for and invest in e-learning.”  (McArthur, 2004, p3)  E-learning has become an accepted method of education just as the “Web” has been accepted in business and at home.  Integrating the newer technologies to supplement existing learning has become imperative.  When planning is performed correctly, the educational environment should be able to use technologies to increase teacher/student communication, enhance faculty morale by use of an “on-line resource center,” (McArthur, 2004, p2) use web-based programs to enhance recruitment, and better prepare students for the workplace.

There are potential problems that must be overcome when planning for technological integration.  First, the technological options are myriad and only a few will be appropriate for a given school or college.  Second, while many institutions become accustomed to the idea of augmenting their educational system via e-learning, it can be troublesome and radical.

Some key issues in the potential success in the adoption of e-learning can include (but is not limited to) the school or college’s present computer network capacity, the willingness of the school’s leaders to support change, current or probable resources, the potential accessibility of the e-learning services by the students.

In looking at a comprehensive long-range plan, there are a number of options available.  One is “Staged Implementation.”  (McArthur, 2004, p4)  While the critical planning should be virtually complete, not all components of the final plan need be in place at the outset.  A planned multi-year plan of implementation can be used.  Not only does this allow for the development of resources, it is possible to troubleshoot elements as each stage progresses.  Another is “Appropriate Outsourcing.”  (McArthur, 2004, p4)  Not every educational institution has the in-house resources (personnel, tools, equipment) to implement even a staged plan.  Outsourcing can be both cost and time saving.  While it may be difficult to convince some leaders of the potential advantage in outsourcing, especially since this type of expertise “is regarded as an educational core asset” (McArthur, 2004, p6), drawing comparisons to the business world may help to demonstrate the benefits.

In his article, “Herding Elephants: Coping with the Technological Revolution in our Schools” Scott Tunison addressed the issues of: 1. the extents to which schools need to visit computer technology and 2.  The tactics used to make the most of the potential advantages and diminish the potential pitfalls in the integration of the technology.

His reference regarding “Herding Elephants” is allegorical to managing the coming technology and learning to “integrate it into the educational framework” or moving aside and letting the “technological revolution” pass by.  (Tunison, 2004, p7)  Either way, educational technology is not to be ignored and it cannot be allowed to manage itself.

Fundamentally speaking, much of education is unchanged from long past.  The methods that have been used were for the most part appropriate for the subject at hand.  A perception might be that, if the concepts to be learned have not changed then a change in teaching method is not necessary.  However, even if some of the concepts have not changed, the application context as well as the learners’ context has.  While computers have entered the educational environment they often have been simple substitutes for other tools that already exist and are in place; tools such as blackboards, books, etc.  What this means is that the process of learning remains unchanged when new uses for the available technology are not fully utilized.

Educational reform is necessary if we are going to meet the needs of our students.  If our culture has developed electronic media, animation, etc. then that is the context through which we must reach our students.

The changes that must be made can make some educators uneasy.  The learning paradigm must shift from the teacher as dispenser of knowledge to the student as active learner.  Tunison cites Fullan (2001) in an identification of “three broad phases to the change process.”  The phases are identified as “initiation, implementation, and institutionalization”

Initiation involves some entity proposing directional change.  Sometimes students ask for change and sometimes groups of teachers, administrators, and parents form committees to begin a planning process for technological integration.

Institutionalization includes the perception of importance.  One might say this is the stage of “damage control.”  Clear policies, well trained teachers and administrators, and a supportive school board are crucial in this stage.  It is important in this stage to record relevant data regarding the program for analysis.  What was well planned and conceived may still have “bugs” to work out.  The analysis of the data can assist in the “tweaking” of the program.

Educators must be aware of the importance of technology in the educational environment and be prepared to integrate it.  Technology is extensive in our contemporary culture and reaching our students must involve meeting their needs in the world they know.  We may, in fact, reach more students and perhaps stem the tide of dropouts.

In her article, “What Students Want to Learn About Computers” Judith O’Donnell Dooling, has informed the reader that students, parents, and administrators have specific preferences with regard to computer technology.

Over time, the importance of computers and related technology has been realized.  However, while spending for computers has risen, some schools have not been as successful in identifying specific computer skills and its power as a tool of learning and teaching.

Student responses were varied.  Many reported that they began learning about computers at an early age, usually from a more experienced person.  Some students, especially in grades four through seven thought learning independently was the most enjoyable.

Interestingly, students of both genders reported that they had a reasonable confidence in their computer abilities, but some differences in perception were evident.  To a degree girls, but primarily boys, thought that computers were too technical for girls.

The experience students had prior to school, the teacher, and computer access had a significant effect on student computer learning.  Even if they, at home, had seen the computer more as a toy, they began to see them more as a tool in the school setting.  They recognized the importance and power of the computer as their exposure increased.

Perhaps unlike other subjects students learn in school, students exchanged computer tips, recommended hardware and software, and generally discussed the subject of computers during their lunchtime and recess.

The students also saw the importance of computer knowledge as it related to its use in the workplace after their school experiences.  They observed that, no matter where you work, you would be using computers to some degree.

The teachers expressed the concern that not all shared the same proficiency.  Many mentioned that often the students knew more than the teacher did.  Teachers also observed that, though the students had a great deal of computer knowledge, it was often limited to games and software.  Another observation was that computer curriculums vary greatly school to school.

Teachers expressed that computer knowledge needs to be relevant.  That is, it needs to be applied across the curriculum and used as an integral tool of learning.  All agreed that the role of teacher needs redefinition and adequate professional development provided to facilitate the needed change.

In conclusion, we have seen that computer technology in the educational setting is essential for learning in contemporary society.  Selecting, planning, and implementing must be done with great care to avoid waste and potential incompatibility with the goals of the educational institution.  School leaders must be convinced that paradigm shift is not an option; that teachers and students must assume new roles, and their support for new ideas is essential.

We must also be able to meet students where they are.  Our culture has created systems of technology to which students are accustomed.  To continue teaching in an antiquated fashion does our students a disservice, especially if we are to prepare them for the workforce following their education.  We must also be aware of teacher and student preferences if we are to expect them to fully utilize the new resources.

Latest Computer technologies Now a Days

If you’re like me then you’ll have a collection of old cassette tapes, or even vinyl recordings. It’s great to have the original, but it also means that I hardly ever listen to them because it’s so impractical. That is why this article is about how to convert these mediums to digital, so you can play them on your computer.Some have argued that fancy “professional looking” charts are somewhat detrimental, and contain elements not essential to understanding the data displayed. It appears that the general consensus from those holding this view is that people sometimes stretch information display to see how far they can go, and in doing so, inadvertently cause interpretation problems. This is the view of fellow blogger Jorge Cameos, an information visualization fan, who says: “Good charts are invisible. Previously, users had to click open their mail to view its content. It was time consuming and not very technology savvy. Gmail account holders missed this important and basic function in Google’s web based mail service.The best pad for your mouse that you can use is one that supports your hands and wrist, and that is comfortable. Regardless of the price and how much people recommend you get something, make sure that it is comfortable before you buy it. After all, that is the whole purpose behind upgrading! Belkin Pads are quite good value, and they have a huge range to suit what you need. Spend some time testing them out to pick the best; I have friends that swear that the mouse wrist pads with gel pads are great, whilst I personally haven’t had that good of an experience with them. This links directly to a central reception and allows the operator to listen into a conversation as it happens. The employee uses code words in the conversation to alert reception to organise assistance if needed. Also successful has been the idea of providing staff with personal alarms if their work goes beyond normal office hours. When used correctly and in the ear of an assailant, this gives staff a few vital seconds to remove themselves from a situation should the need arise.Due to the fact web browser security is not actually secure right now because of new exploits like Zeus being posted or published at a rapid rate; it would be smart to stay up-to-date for your computer will be less vulnerable to web browser attacks.

Elementary Science Data Logger Technology – – The Affordable, Easy To Use One Link Probeware Makes The Grade

Elementary science datalogger probeware technology is one of the most significant technological advances for the elementary science classroom. These devices are easy to use and add the benefit of real time graphical representations of data for students. These systems allow a direct interface between the computer and sensors. The sensor data is translated into easy to assimilate graphic representations by the software.
These devices allow students to collect, store and graphically display data in a fashion that allows for instant visual recognition as well as integration into spreadsheets and presentations.
It is no longer necessary to rely on hypotheses or vague, inconclusive visual indicators to collect experimental data. Collating data is, of course, also made easy by the software’s graphic output. These devices range in size and functionality from simple single input USB devices to complete stations capable of collecting information for 10 or more inputs.
These devices accept sensors capable of collecting and processing data from a wide variety of sources in areas such as chemistry, physics, environmental science and biology. Data sources such as motion, force, sound, light intensity, voltage, temperature, ph and gas levels are only a few of those that are read and processed by these units and give an idea of their functionality.
One of the basic models that allow a great deal of affordable flexibility is the SmartSense One Link. This device is a USB enabled, single sensor input interface that draws power from the host USB port. This makes the unit extremely easy to use in both indoor and field applications and portable enough to slip into any laptop case.
The One Link ships standard with a temperature sensor but is compatible with over 40 different sensor types which further enhances its functionality. The device is capable of all general purpose scientific data logging and single photogate timing and includes the standard SmartSense software license.
The One Link is one of the smallest educational datalogger interface units available and would be ideal for stand alone, single input applications in environments where portability, self contained power and ease of use were priorities. Notwithstanding its diminutive size, the One Link’s fast log times and wide sensor compatibility make it a valuable addition to any data collection arsenal.
When paired with probeware applications these dataloggers have immense value for students. They allow for real-time display of data as it is gathered and in inquiry-based learning streams this can drastically speed up the learning process. This graphic, hot-off-the-press data display is definitely the datalogger and probeware’s strongest suite and the area where elementary science in general gains the most benefit.
This “visible Thinking” characteristic of datalogger and probeware data collection allows for previously cold and theoretical concepts that were previously difficult to grasp to be displayed in a manner that allows for easy and intuitive understanding and will hopefully continue to define the boundaries of scientific education.

Hospital Information System- The New Era Of Digital Technology

Hospital information system always helps you in dealing with several kinds of diverse types of data running within the hospital premises. The computerized system is designed keeping in mind the information as required to manage the hospital space. The system always helps in running your hospital smoothly and efficiently as it helps in saving a lot of time and money as well. You can always avail any kind of information in the shortest possible time frame. The automated system also helps hospital authorities in saving billions of dollars for administrative budgets as hospital charges on an annual basis.


The hospital information systems usually route back to fifty’s only but in recent years they are being used on a wider scale. The computer hardware has also become quite cheaper as compared to olden days. They have become even more advanced and simple to use also. The number of patients in hospitals has also increased to a large number and it becomes quite difficult to track down the excess information needed. The system becomes even more complex and designed for managing hospitals in a better way. The entire system is also capable of tracking down the needs of the patients. You can also contact software professionals associated with the orientation of the software’s thereby helping people in running the hospital in an efficient way.

The Medical billing system also helps in easy access to information with improved quality of documentation services. They also provide people with improved communication services thereby reducing the overall errors along with reduced costs and the ability to track down patient records and all. They also help in recruiting the staff members and these members always leave the hospital within the time frame. The staff members can always deal with issues as arisen due to attending the patients and checking the improved quality of patient care.

It will also help in creating a brand image for the hospital. The overall cost is usually been saved by using the software systems in a better way. The initial cost of installation might be a little bit high but the benefits that it will reap can never be neglected at any cost. You can easily overcome the high cost of installation by using the services within a few days. This software helps in reducing the overall work force and thereby efficiently managing the hospital information system as a whole. The cost of installation also varies from place to place due to currency variations. So, you need to be quite aware of the same.

What Is Computer Engineering Technology?

Individuals who are trained to set up computers, troubleshoot programs and test software fill computer engineering technology jobs. Computer engineers can also write and design software and programs.


  • Computer engineers earn a bachelor’s degree in computer software engineering and technology. They may also choose to pursue specialized certifications, from companies such as Microsoft or Cisco, which makes them more valuable as workers in certain environments.


  • The average computer systems software engineers make between $73,200 and $113,960, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2008. Forbes reports that engineers with 10 to 20 years of experience can earn about 55 to 60 percent more than entry-level workers.


  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 15 percent of all computer engineers worked more than 50 hours per week in 2008, due to the nature of the job. Engineers often face strict deadlines and must complete their work in a hurry. Engineers frequently work as members of a team, which makes meeting deadlines simpler.

Computer Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) With Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Business dependency on communication systems has never been bigger. About 97% of all business transactions square measure currently initiated with a telephone or mobile call, Fixalation Auto Xerox (FAX) or electronic-mail (e-mail) transmitted through your cabling infrastructure.

We provide a portfolio of business and technology solutions to change our clients to boost their business performance. Our services embody structured cabling solutions and outside & indoor wireless networking. Our business information allows U.S. to assist purchasers address problems specific to their business and guarantee they need a competitive advantage.

We will assist you value, style and install the optimum integrated system for your company providing your business the foremost acceptable & cost-efficient structured cabling resolution. Our team of technicians can each install and certify cables to the quality needs, making certain a high level of performance consistency for all of your cables across each location.

Our Services include

Copper Infrastructure Cabling – Awapal Technologies provides Digital communication cabling solutions that square measure each screened and unscreened, providing the last word in dependableness and performance for tomorrow’s copper infrastructure desires. Independently verified unscreened & screened communication structured information cabling solutions, providing final performance and reliableness for todays and tomorrow’s copper infrastructure necessities as well as CAT3, CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6a.

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Green data Centers – Good cable management practices associated structured cabling that contribute towards Associate in eco-friendly data center.

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Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Of Computers

Computers are at the heart of the communication all around the world. It is hard to imagine a world without computers, these days. Technology is progressing all the times; computers are also going through consistent development changes and updates.

There are a lot of things that one can do with a computer: A major proportion of computer usage these days is devoted to personal computer usage. In terms of personal usage the computers are mainly used for the purpose of chatting, surfing, watching shows, downloading different files, and playing games.

The use of internet with the personal computer is rampage these days. With that comes the threat of viruses and other malicious programs. Under the circumstances, system maintenance becomes absolutely mandatory. If not done so, Disaster Recovery becomes a permanent practice.

It is important to understand that the computer systems are not very different than the automobiles that we use regularly. We have to regularly take our automobiles to car-care centers, so that their engines keep running smoothly. Same is the case with computers: we must frequently take them to special service outlets like Chicago Computer Repair, and Skokie Computer Repair, to keep  them running nice and smoothly. It is important to do so because computers have become an essential part of our lives and we are becoming increasingly dependent on computers. That is especially true if the computers are being used for professional or business purposes. In that case, we just cannot afford any unwanted break down. For large-scaled organizations such break downs can mean a loss of millions of dollars.

There are basically two king of maintenance that the computer must go through, for peak performances: Preventive maintenance and Corrective maintenance.

They say that prevention is better than cure. Therefore preventive maintenance should be used for computer on regular basis. Preventive maintenance searches for and clears potential PC errors. Such errors, if not fixed, could culminate into much graver and serious problems. Simple actions can easily prevent your computer from incurring serious problems. Such actions include disk defragmentation, regular scanning of hard disk for viruses, disk error correction, and correcting windows files organizations.  It also includes cleaning up hardware like the motherboard and the fans of the computer.

Preventive maintenance keeps the system safe from potential threats. Corrective maintenance focuses on diagnosing and later fixing the already existing problems. This process can require repairing or replacement of certain computer parts. If you are not an expert of computer hardware, it is highly recommended that the professional services of Chicago Computer Repair, or Skokie Computer Repair, be utilized. Remember that computer technicians are well-trained to carry out these repairs, and amateurs shouldn’t be trusted with such matters. It is recommendable to have scheduled computer maintenance, so that your computer keeps running smoothly. Remember that you may like to spend a little amount on computer maintenance rather than incurring the greater price of losing your computer, altogether. You might find Disaster Recovery more troublesome and expensive, especially of your computer is used for professional purposes, on regular basis.

Contemporary challenges in development of science and technology in nigeria


This paper examined various efforts that have been made to develop science and technology since its introduction into the school system when the early Christian missionary arrived in Nigeria. The paper further discussed different challenges to the development of science and technology in Nigeria. Recommendations were made for its development in Nigeria.


Development of science and technology in Nigeria has not been encouraging since the introduction of sciences into school curriculum from the time of the early Christian missionary to Nigeria. Science teaching in most Nigerian schools was just Nature Study before 1930 (Abdullahi, 1982). Nigerian has not achieved much in science and technology and this is why we are still classified as developing nation. The so called developed nations acquired their prosperity through scientific advancement (Abdullahi, 1982). Nation that is underdeveloped in science will not equally develop technologically because science and technology are together; science deal with collection of data through scientific processes and technology uses the data to find solutions to practical problems.

Several efforts has been made by various government in Nigeria to develop science ever before independent one of such is changed of the concept of General science as a subject to be offered up to the School Certificate to such subjects as biology, chemistry and physics. Later development put enrolment in secondary school at ratio 60:40 between Science and Arts subjects. One major effort aimed at the development of science was the coming together of all science teachers in 1957 to inaugurate the Science Teachers’ Association of Nigeria (STAN). The association is concerned with the teaching of science through inquiry and discovery approach in which students come to understand and develop science concepts by investigating and experimenting on their own (Abdullahi, 1982).

Technical colleges, College of Arts, Science and Technology, Colleges of education Technical, Polytechnics and Universities of Technology were all established in the nation in a quest to develop science and technology. The system of education was changed from the one inherited from our colonial master to 6-3-3-4 system of education. According to Rufai (2007) the 6-3-3-4 policy is fundamental for the so much desired technological breakthrough and the government has made her stand clear by stating her commitment to scientific and technological advancement of the country.  Equipment were brought from foreign countries to ensure that this system worked and teachers were sent to overseas for further studies to enable them fit in to the news system of education.

With all these efforts made at developing science and technology and considering its importance to achieving self reliance of a nation as said by Adebayo (2001) that there is need for nations to develop scientifically and technologically because of the role it plays in achieving self reliance. There are still many challenges to the development of science and technology in Nigeria that make her far behind other nations of the world.



For science and technology to be developed to meet the world standard as it is in the developed nations today there must be sufficient resources to teach science at all level of education. Ajileye (2006) opined that insufficient resources for teaching and learning of science constitute a major cause of students’ achievements. This insufficient resource includes laboratories, science equipment, and specimens used as teaching aids. Development of science and technology cannot be separated from the quality of student a nation is producing from her schools.

Waziri (2002) observed that millions of naira-worth of equipment bought for the development of introductory technology is still lying uninstalled due to lack of suitable workshops and laboratories. Nations that do not have laboratories, science equipment and specimens to teach students will surely produce poor students in science and technology who are to become engineers and scientists tomorrow. An important resource in the development of science and technology is qualified teacher. Waziri (2002) said the scarcity of qualified teachers for vocational- technical education programme caused mainly by poor payment as compared to the more attractive opportunities in industry and commerce.

Technical colleges are not longer taken serious; many of these colleges have been closed down because they lack students and commitment by the government. These technical colleges are very important for the training of skill craftsman and artisans that are very crucial to the technological development of any nation.

Foundation of Science

Foundation is very important in any project and that is why there is need for a solid foundation for sound science education from primary school through good method of teaching and well structure curriculum. Akinola (2006) was of the opinion that students failed science because of teacher’s methodology and the structuring of the curriculum. Science teaching is not taken serious in many of our primary schools this makes a class teacher who is not a trained science teacher to be teaching science. It is only in secondary school we have teachers specialised in subject areas but in primary science teachers are ‘multipurpose’ which is very wrong. What do you expect from a teacher who is a graduate of social studies teaching science in primary school? At his or her best would end up in destroying the scientific ability of the pupils. The conclusion is that a bad scientific seed is planted and when it germinates we should not expect anything better. According to Oyedele (2007) science education is the ‘seed ‘to be planted if technological development is to be produced. He said if Nigeria is to be among the advanced societies of the world, equipped with modern technology of her own making, she should prepare her citizens for future roles of predicating them on solid and sound science education. Nigeria children are very good, intelligent and can compete with their counterpart in any part of the world if they have good teacher who teaches with good methods. In the opinion of Oyedele (2007) the average Nigerian child is capable, intelligent and gifted in all spheres of life.

Quality of Education

The quality of Nigerian education is poor due to poor leadership and corruption. Ogunwoye (2003) said lack of teacher motivation, recognition and reward lead to poor quality of education. Nigeria government do not value education and that reflect in their budget every year. They gave very small allocation to education as compared to security forgetting that education is capital intensive. They make insufficient fund available to buy and maintained laboratories and workshop equipment. Idris (2002) observed lack of funds to procure required spare parts to maintain the equipment for technical education. The difficulties of our government according to Adedibu (2001) in formulating sound objectives and best solutions to our problems have resulted in the mismanagement of resources, wrong planning and misplaced of developmental priorities; this has badly affected our educational system in recent decades.

Societal attitude

Nigerian society is a major challenge to our development of science and technology. An average Nigerian do not have absolute confidence in any advancement made by his or her fellow Nigerian in the field of science and technology because according to Adedibu (2001) they have much respect for goods from other nations at the expense of locally produced goods and this is having an adverse effect on our technological development. Until we learn to accept and respect our indigenous effort in the field of science and technology and respect our Nigeria made goods we may not make much development in science and technology. Some Nigerian had made significance progress in medicine especially in combating HIV/AIDS but because they are Nigerians nobody recognises their efforts but negatively criticized.

Institutional rivalry

Another challenge to the development of science and technology in Nigeria is rivalry between various institutions especially between university and polytechnics (Katende, 2007). Where these institutions supposed to work together as partners in progress to develop science and technology they are concentrating on which one is superior in certification. According to Mfon (2007) if the polytechnic, university, government and other stakeholders work together towards research goals, our march to technological and scientific breakthrough will be at sight.

Technological transfer

Over dependence on foreign aids in form of technological transfer is another challenge. According to Adedibu (2001) technological transfer is a process of acquisition of technical training that can aid a nation technical development from other nations. The buying nation is expected to manage, maintain, replicate and improve on this technology through research without the aid of the selling country. However, Nigeria case is different we have been tied to the apron of the selling country. There is nothing bad in technological transfer but the process must complete by stop depending on the selling nation and this lead to our technological development.

Instructional materials

Shortage and inadequate use of instructional material for teaching and learning of sciences in schools is a serious challenge in most Nigerian schools. Kola (2007) said the need for the use of instructional aids in teaching physics in Nigerian schools cannot be overemphasized. The teachers are over dependent on foreign made or better called ‘already made’ apparatus, majority do not have the ability to improvise for the benefit of their students. According to Daniel (2001), teachers need to be exposed to the production and learning materials using available resources especially at this age of information technology. The table below show instructional material uses for teaching and learning physics in two local government secondary schools in a state in Nigeria.


Put Computer Technology into Practical Teaching

In today’s technological world, you know how important it is for students to use computers on a regular basis. The challenge is to use technology effectively to enhance learning. Incorporating technology into your daily lessons and activities is a practical way to teach students that computer skills are important for more than just surfing the Internet. In particular, the PowerPoint is the most important tool that more and more teachers used in there practical teaching in order to make insightful visual experience and make student focused!

A slide show can present and illustrate an event in history, or explain a geometric proof in math. It can illuminate an oral book report, or report the results of a science experiment. Teachers use slide shows as backdrops to their lectures, students use them to deliver reports, and schools use them to show the community what they are doing. A slide show can be a valuable tool for teaching, sharing and learning.

I was always interested in helping students make real-world connections in project-based curriculum. With the increased availability of computer technology and Internet resources, I saw an even greater avenue for instruction.

How can we change this terrible situation?  Do you have a suggestion for educators?

We think that good teachers will always be good teachers no matter whether they use PowerPoint or not — are they able to keep students’ attention? I use PowerPoint in all my classes and students often tell me how interesting the classes are. It’s the PowerPoint that makes students bored, In my personal experience, I create a PowerPoint for my lesson plain with a powerful assistant which is PowerPoint to video converter software, it is a nice aid that I can create attractive Presentation and convert PowerPoint to video format, then I can play it on PC, and upload it to teaching website for download! It is a nice ideal!


It will help you create captivating and attention-grabbing classroom presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. You’ll learn basic PowerPoint skills such as creating slides, using templates, inserting text, changing background colors, creating WordArt titles, and adding slide transitions. You’ll also develop advanced skills such as inserting graphics, sound, and video, custom animations, timed transitions, and hyperlinks.

You’ll be able to publish your presentation on a school Web site or even take your PowerPoint shows on the road. You’ll also be able to create presentations filled with scanned drawings created by your students or digital photograph slide shows. This class will assist you in learning these skills.

By using PowerPoint to video tool to create your presentation, you can maintain a record of the material that you cover during the school year. Students who miss lesson topics, or have difficulty understanding them, can easily revisit them later, by adding intuitive audio and animation to make the students understood and accepted more efficiently. Of course, there are plenty of other factors outside of multimedia presentations that affect student learning. It’s safe to say a teacher’s skills are still more important than the visual method used to deliver the course’s curriculum. Nevertheless, we can all use a little help with our teaching, and a PowerPoint slideshow that enhances, rather than detracts from or slows down, the learning process is all to the good.

In working with teachers to develop curriculum for the World Wide Web, I have organized my instructional approach into five basic phases: planning, research, development, refinement, and implementation. These five areas work as organizational frameworks for instruction and learning, curriculum development and implementation, student progress and presentation. It also frames the use of computer technology tools with a specific purpose. The goal is not solely to learn how to make a concept map with great pictures or to develop an attractive Web site, but to imbed the use of educational technology within a task. In this way, the tools enhance and facilitate the learning process. This gives the learner a reason to use the application, and along the way, the learner understands how the application works.

By teaching your students to explore how different features of a given technology can help them succeed, you can make using technology a consistent and easy part of your students’ learning experience. We should continuously explore the advanced teaching method to help our educators and student make studying more effectively and perfectly.

Knowing the essentials of computer maintenance services

Computers are undoubtedly a crucial part of our day today life. Computers are everywhere in offices, homes, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and all other such places. Computers have been operating days and nights. With the increased usage of these operating systems the occurrence of errors is quite natural. What we need is the maintenance of our computer. With the prolonged processing of the operating systems there may occur wear and tear in its components. The computer problems may be categorized as:

  • Slow computer processing
  • Freezing
  • Rebooting automatically
  • Random error messages
  • Blue screen

These computers related issues need to be dealt with an immediate effect as they may result in to increased problems afterwards. Computer Maintenance problems may occur any time due to the hardware crash, corruption of softwares and disruption of the network. What we need here is a sincerely professional Computer Maintenance service from a renowned Computer Maintenance Tampa company. So for that you need to contact an experienced and renowned Computer Maintenance vendor. The selection of the Computer Maintenance company requires the great care. Peep into the service package offered by the Computer Repair Lakeland Company. The Computer Maintenance Lakeland company will provide you

  • Computer drives repairing
  • Hard disk drive repairing
  • Chip level repairing
  • Line printer maintenance
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Repairing of all kind of logic boards and motherboards

For the efficient Computer Maintenance you need to take care some points. Install a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to ensure that your operating system is operative in case of any power failure. You can go for the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) with the Computer Maintenance Lakeland Company. This will help you to have the maintenance of your operating systems at regular basis. Ensure that you have taken suitable backup facilities for your data. This will help you tackle any kind of problem concerned with the loss of data. For this you need to have automated and regular backups. Installation of firewall or other efficient anti virus program will protect your system from corruption. Viruses are the computer programs are designed and transported by the ill freaked minds to corrupt the operating systems of others. You can also go for the installation of spy ware that will provide protection against the intruders.

For the problems concerned with the Computer Networking you need the help of expert Computer Network Lakeland technician. He will ensure efficient plug ins and installation of networking components. For better network connectivity you can go for alternate internet connections that will support your connectivity incase you have problems with one network provider. Alternate email addresses can also help you to remain in contact with your links in case there occurs any problem with your e-mail id.

Salaries for a B.S. Degree in Welding Engineering Technology

According to the Weld-Ed website, welding engineers develop the welding process and manage welders as they perform their duties of permanently joining metal parts via heat to metal and fuse a permanent bond in metals. Their work begins before any actual welding, production or construction begins and continues through the process. They troubleshoot problems and ensure safetystandards are met. Welding engineers bring a combination of knowledge about electricity, welding, materials science, or metallurgy, manufacturing and construction.

Education and Training

  • Welding engineers have either a bachelor’s degree in welding technology or degrees in mechanical, manufacturing, metallurgy or industrial engineering. In addition, employers require welding engineers to have or acquire American Welding Society certification. Qualifications are either a bachelor’s degree in welding engineering technology plus two years of experience; a related degree plus 5 years’ experience; an associate degree and 10 years’ experience; and high school graduates must have the equivalent of 15 years of experience.
    Welding engineers study blueprints, construction, and electrical technology
    Welding engineers study blueprints, construction, and electrical technology

Salaries and Compensation

  • As of May 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported, materials engineers earned a media salary of $83,120, with the highest earning more than $126,800 and the lowest earning a median of $51,680. The industries that employ the most engineers are aerospace, architectural and semiconductor. While employers across a number of industries hire welding engineers from auto manufacturing, shipbuilding, racing, aerospace, and construction. Top paying states for material engineers are Maryland, Alaska, California, Washington and Kansas, respectively. The highest salaries for welding engineers were in the shipbuilding Industry with a median salary of $84,000.salaries for Materials Engineer

Employment Opportunities

  • B.S. welding technology grads are hired as welding engineers, quality assurance engineers, manufacturing engineers, and technical sales, reports Weber University, which is one of the four universities in the U.S. which offers a B.S. welding engineering technology degree program. As of 2010, the most jobs for welding engineers were located in California, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington.

Market Demand and Outlook

  • As of publication date, the job search website lists 237 jobs nationwide for welding engineers. Big name employers include Westinghouse, Johnson Controls, (Pacific Gas & Electric Company) PG&E, Dresser-Rand and engineering firm Babcock & Wilcox
    Posted salaries ranged from to $50,000 to more than $160,000. The highest paying position was for a metallurgical engineering position in Dhahran,Saudi Arabia for Houston headquartered Saudi Aramco. BLS predicts average job growth for materials engineers from 2008 through 2018.

The Future of Gardening Technology is a Garden Hose Robot

I will not deny that I am a true gadget lover – whether we’re talking about noise cancelling headphones, a robot vacuum cleaner, or an attachment that turns my iPhone into a video projector, I have it all. And as fellow Geek Vs Geek contributor Rick Broida loves to say, I am a consummate early adopter. I can hardly restrain myself from being the first kid on the block to buy a new gadget, which is why I just paid $400 to reserve a Buccaneer 3D printer from Kickstarter despite the fact that took the “con” side of our recent 3D printer debate.

Hey: Have a question about tech? You can talk directly to one of our nerds and get an answer right away.

I say all that to help you understand why I am so excited about the latest piece of technology I’ve been playing with for the last few weeks: RoboReel. It’s a robotic garden hose, and it’s one of the coolest examples of high tech converging with everyday life I’ve seen in a long time.

At the risk of sounding like one of those awful TV infomericals, let me tell you some of the things I usually hate about garden hoses. I hate how hard they are to reel and unreel, and how difficult they are to move around the yard. I hate how filthy they get. I hate that they invariably spring leaks where they screw into the nozzle or spigot.

RoboReel addresses all those issues. At its core, RoboReel is 100 feet of 5/8-inch garden hose (or 150 feet of 1/2-inch hose) on a reel that’s enclosed in a strong, secure spherical shell – which in turn sits on four lockable wheels and bears a subtle resemblance to Robocop’s ED-209. A pull cord lets you drag it around the lawn or move it between your front and back yards.

But that’s not especially “techy,” and I promised that it was robotic, so let me tell you a little about that. First of all, thanks to the heavy-duty rechargeable battery hidden in the shell, the reel provides a powered assist when you extract the reel. Start pulling, and instead of the usual resistance you’ll encounter when working with a garden hose and reel, RoboReel helps unwind itself – it’s easy to pull out, even all the way across the yard.

You don’t control the flow of water by pulling a trigger on the nozzle; instead, there’s a “remote control” with four buttons at the end of the hose, right before the nozzle. The remote has a button that toggles the flow of water; press it once to start spraying, and press it again to turn the water off.

Have you ever accidentally left a hose running all day long? Because there’s a computer in there, it’s smart enough to turn the water off after an hour, so you never need worry about the hose running unattended and wasting huge amounts of water.

The best part: When you’re done, press a button and the hose will retract itself automatically, with absolutely no effort required on your part. And RoboReel won’t damage itself. If you start to reel it in and someone steps on the hose, RoboReel stops in its tracks rather than continuing to pull on the hose.

I’ve saved one of the coolest features for last – additional buttons on the remote let you program RoboReel for autonomous operation. You can tell the system how long to run, and whether to repeat the process on multiple days. You can optionally tell RoboReel to retract itself when it’s done. That means you can use RoboReel to water your lawn each day on a schedule, even if you don’t have a sprinkler system, or you can ask it to fill the pool and stop automatically when it’s done.

RoboReel comes with an array of nozzles, all of which fit in the shell for storage, and an optional sprinkler head is available as well. Everything snaps together with double O-rings and quick-release fittings; there are no leaky screw threads anywhere in this system. All this future-tech-today doesn’t come cheap. RoboReel costs a heart-stopping $649. That said, if you spend a lot of time working in your yard, RoboReel is one of those elegantly engineered, transformative gadgets that make you happy to be in the 21st Century.

Richfeel Introduces An Innovative Technology — Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

HTMA is a safe and non-invasive test to measure the levels and comparative ratios of nutrients and toxic minerals found in the hair.It is a screening test to measure the levels of 37 minerals in the hair tissue.

It provides valuable health information often not revealed in standard blood and urine tests.HTMA has been globally accepted by Doctors, Naturopaths and Nutritional therapists as one of the most valuable tool for everyday preventive healthcare

Dr. Apoorva Shah, Founder, RICHFEEL Health and Beauty Private Limited, India?s first certified trichologists and beauty physician says, ?Richfeel has always introduced innovative products after intensive and extensive R&D to give optimum value to our customers?.

Minerals are equally important to nutrition as vitamins. Nutrition is not just vital to your overall health, but is important to the health of your hair as well. While our bodies need a variety of vitamins and minerals to support certain functions, there are specific ones that will promote healthy hair.
The hair is thus a reflection of your overall health and nowadays with consumers becoming more and more aware about their personal health and beauty, HTMA becomes a requirement. By interpreting the hair mineral test properly, one can construct a biochemical picture of the way the body is going to respond to stress.

How HTMA is useful to consumers??

HTMA could now be a part of your regular annual health check up. If you have problems related to hair that are not getting treated, HTMA can tell you the reason for the same and you could take preventive treatments.It will also help you to lead a healthy life and affect your lifestyle by keeping a regular check on your body mineral/ nutrient composition.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a screening test to measure the levels of 37 minerals in the hair tissue. Over the last 15 years, HTMA has been an effective analytical test to measure the mineral content of the hair and body in the United States of America.

Make Your Car a Smart Car With New Technologies

As innovation is encroaching in every field, cars are no exception. The new technologies if added could provide solutions to some of our daily problems.

There is one thing called buying a car and the other is having a passion for it. Only a passionate car lover can tell you, how it feels to drive at 140kmph. Your blood pressure starts increasing simultaneously with the speedometer crossing the 120kmph mark.

The above mentioned scenario is something which a true car lover can easily relate to. He always looks forward to a new car arrivals and indulges himself in reading car reviews, and their prices.

The Indian automobile industry is on a rejuvenating mode with more and more new features being included in every new car modal. Still there are some features which we can hope to se in near future.

Warning sensor: This technology helps you to drive safe, i.e. whenever you drive too fast or get too close to any other car, it automatically gives you a visual and auditory warning. While safety has always being the primary concern before buying a car, this technology will help in reducing car accidents.

APP center: This is one of the most anticipated technologies to which everyone is looking forward to. We all have become quite habitual of using Apps in our smartphones. Just imagine what would happen if we could do the same with your car. E.g. if we want to listen to a radio channel or want to see a movie, then we could easily download its App through our car. No wonder, through this technology, our car will become a smart car.

Self-driving mode: This is one of those technologies upon which an exhaustive research is still in process. Imagine a scenario when you are really tired and in no position to drive your car, or while driving you got a very urgent phone call which you just can’t afford to miss. In these situations, a self-driving mode comes really handy. By switching your car on self-driving mode, you can easily perform all your urgent work efficiently. If done correctly, this technology can really revolutionize the whole automobile industry.

Voice command: Through this feature, you can make a call, or find your favorite song pretty conveniently. Also, if you have a built in-navigation system, you will easily be able to reach your desired destination.

Easy parking: One of the biggest problems we faceing today is car parking. One can own a car, but finding a parking space for that car is nothing less than a herculean task. So, we need a system, through which cars can be easily adjusted according to the available parking spaces.

These new technologies could provide solutions to some of our most intractable social problems like accidents, high traffic jams, finding a parking space, etc.

Though, we know that these technologies are easier said than done, but we also know that nothing is impossible for those who embrace innovation and opt to lead rather than follow.

New Technology in Sonography-4D Imaging

There is a new technology in sonography: 4D imaging. This technology is changing the way doctors diagnose and treat their patients, particularly OB/GYNs who can use this technology to provide parents with stunning images of their unborn children. It is certainly making waves in the health care profession. Right now is an exciting time to be studying sonography and entering this profession with the availability of such startling new technology. If you are considering going into the medical field and find x-ray technology fascinating, this 4D technology should be of definite interest to you. It could even influence your future career.

The imaging technology offers some serious benefits for OB/GYN offices where you could potentially work after completing a sonography certificate course or degree program. This technology allows medical professionals to identify the baby’s features when they are as young as 28 weeks, and it makes it much easier to figure out the gender and find the heartbeat. Sonographers and doctors can perform tests that were not previously possible, and the images presented to parents are much more vibrant and identifiable. From observing the baby more effectively to creating images that are more precise and precious, this technology has taken the obstetrics and gynecology world by storm more than any other area of the health care field.

One of the best parts about 4D imaging technology is the non-invasiveness. The imaging process can be done in less than 20 minutes, and parents then have access to a DVD with still images of their unborn babies. If you are considering going into the field of sonography and are particularly interested in performing ultrasounds for an OB/GYN office, this technology should definitely be of interest to you.

There are multiple options if you want to learn about this technology and apply it to the sonography field. You can get a certificate, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree to enter various entry-level sonography jobs, which will focus on 4D imaging training at some point along the way. You can study at a campus or online. With such revolutionary technology, it’s a great time to go into the sonography field.

Electronics & Communications Engineering Technology Jobs

Electronics and communications engineers create many of the world’s technological advances. Broadcast systems, telephone technology, aviation advances, automotive design and navigation systems are only a few of the developments that electronics and communications engineers are responsible for. These engineers develop, test, create and maintain the devices they are responsible for.

Communications and electronics engineers are responsible for many of our technological advances.
Chris Sattlberger/Photodisc/Getty Images

Electronics and communications engineers create many of the world’s technological advances. Broadcast systems, telephone technology, aviation advances, automotive design and navigation systems are only a few of the developments that electronics and communications engineers are responsible for. These engineers develop, test, create and maintain the devices they are responsible for.

Scientific Research and Development Jobs

  • Engineers involved with scientific research and development are responsible for creating new products and innovations. Testing the design of these products and the feasibility of their use is another element of research and development. Researchers may also be required to test target audience reception of the product.

Aerospace Manufacturing Jobs

  • Aerospace manufacturing engineers are responsible for creating the parts for airplanes, satellites and ground control systems. Engineers design the parts, supervise their creation and may even be asked to repair broken parts. Maintenance and supervision of ground controls are positions available for electronics and communications engineers.

Architectural Design Jobs

  • Communications and electronics engineers are often employed in architectural design. Designing the structure of the building and creating an ergonomic design are components of architectural design. An engineer may also be hired specifically to design the communications and electronics necessary for the building. Researching the appropriate technology, ideal location and technical requirements necessary for the building are all possible responsibilities for an engineer.

Federal Government Jobs

  • The federal government hires electronics and communications engineers to fill a variety of roles. Repairing the government’s airplanes and helicopters, customizing planes and maintaining military technology are all possible roles for a federal government employee. The federal government also hires engineers to work on unmanned aerial vehicles. Positions to maintain and develop communications systems are also available. As of 2010, the federal government hires over 17,000 electronics and communications engineers.

Health Care Future Technology & Trends

The health care industry has seen many innovations and improvements in recent years and this trend will continue because of advances in pharmaceutical products and technology.

Online medical records could be the future of medicine.
Aging PopulationNew medicines are constantly being developed to prevent, treat and manage many conditions for an aging Baby Boomer population. In the year 2000, there were approximately 36 million Americans over the age of 65. By 2030, this number is projected to double to nearly 72 million.

New medicines are being developed to treat conditions related to aging.

Jacob Wackerhausen/iStock/Getty Images

Targeted TreatmentsNew medical treatments are being developed more and more based on genetic and other molecular tests. These advances in health care technology will provide more tests that reveal whether people are likely to respond well to specific drug treatments, meaning a more targeted, individualized approach for each patient. Roughly a dozen of these targeted treatments are currently being used in the medical field, with many more predicted for the future.

New treatments are being developed based on genetic and molecular tests.

Purestock/Purestock/Getty Images

Electronic Medical RecordsElectronic medical records are a trend that started in recent years and will continue as technology progresses in the future. Electronic medical records are expected to eventually replace the current paper-based patient medical record system. According to the CDC, 38 percent of physicians currently have switched to an electronic medical record system and this number is expected to continue to grow in the future.

Electronic medical records are quickly picking up.

fotoedu/iStock/Getty Images

TelemedicineTelemedicine utilizes modern technology such as the Internet to connect patients and physicians. Telemedicine allows a physician to interact with a patient online in real-time, cutting back on time and expenses associated with the typical office visit. Telemedicine is a growing trend that will continue to progress as technology increases.

Telemedicine uses technology to connect doctors and patients.

Dean Mitchell/iStock/Getty Images

Patient-centered Medical HomesPatient-centered medical homes is a technology-driven, holistic approach to health care in which a physician acts as the patient’s health coach, with 24-hour access, electronic medical records, e-mail and phone communication and patient feedback being key concepts. These types of programs are currently being piloted by Medicaid in several states to test their effectiveness for the future.

Patient-centered medical homes are technology-driven.

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Preventive maintenance software for computer hardware

Computers often break down at the worst of all times. These problems can be averted, or at least minimized with preventive maintenance. Several methods of keeping computer hardware in good working order deal with the external components of the computer, such as the keyboard and monitor. For example, it is important to keep the processor away from excess heat and moisture. There are also computer hardware preventive maintenance software programs that can help with the upkeep of other internal aspects of a computer.

While it is rare to find a CMMS that works on all of a computer’s hardware, many different programs can be utilized simultaneously. Some computers have periodic automatic updates available that can be downloaded and used to improve the computer’s performance. Other software programs, known as disk defragmenters, manage hard drive space so that software programs take less time to access. Programs known as hardware diagnostic utilities can check the computer’s hardware components and alert the user about any potential failures. Since some new hardware will not always work on all computers and could cause existing hardware to malfunction, it is important to have a CMMS program to ensure that the new hardware is compatible with existing hardware.

Antivirus programs are another important component of computer hardware preventive maintenance software. Computer viruses have become increasingly common in recent years and can render a good computer useless. While computer viruses mainly attack software programs, they can ruin hardware as well. Several manufacturers make reliable antivirus software. A couple of well-known companies are Norton and McAfee. As with much preventive maintenance software, these programs are usually available for a free trial period before the user must pay a subscription fee.
Computer hardware preventive maintenance software is necessary to keep computers in good working order. This software manages aspects of computer hardware that would be difficult and time-consuming for even the most computer savvy users.

Other software programs, known as disk defragmenters, manage hard drive space so that software programs take less time to access. Programs known as hardware diagnostic utilities can check the computer’s hardware components and alert the user about any potential failures. Since some new hardware will not always work on all computers and could cause existing hardware to malfunction, it is important to have a CMMS program to ensure that the new hardware is compatible with existing hardware.

Antivirus programs are another important component of computer hardware preventive maintenance software. Computer viruses have become increasingly common in recent years and can render a good computer useless. While computer viruses mainly attack software programs, they can ruin hardware as well. Several manufacturers make reliable antivirus software. A couple of well-known companies are Norton and McAfee. As with much preventive maintenance software, these programs are usually available for a free trial period before the user must pay a subscription fee.

Computer hardware preventive maintenance software is necessary to keep computers in good working order. This software manages aspects of computer hardware that would be difficult and time-consuming for even the most computer savvy users.

How to make your computer faster – 5 DIY computer maintenance tips

Do you want to make your computer run faster? Well guess what? We all do. I don’t know any person that can stand working on a slow computer and I’m sure we have all thought about smashing something in frustration.

Unfortunately, even I have felt this way, so frustrated that I started to plan how to get revenge on my computer, but deep down I knew that was not in a solve my problem. I needed a quick solution to simply make my PC run faster. After all, what was smashing it with a sledgehammer going to do?

Make Your computer Run Faster With These Five DIY Computer Tips

I have been working with computers for more than 25 years and I have many tips to share, here is just a few:

Defrag your computer

This is a simple process where you use the Windows de-fragmentation tool to organize your fragmented files into a more appropriate place. This will make your PC run faster as a firewall can be opened quicker if it is stored in the right place. To see instructions on how to defrag your computer, click on the link below that leads to my website.

Perform a disk cleanup to get your PC running faster

This is also a Windows tool and you can find it if you Go to start menu>accessories>system tools>disk cleanup. This will remove certain junk files from your computer that you do not need and free up some space.

Remove unwanted files

When I say remove unwanted files, I do not mean you should all remove any file you like. This means that you can delete the files that you created. For example if you wrote a word document and you saved it on your computer, but no longer need it, this is the kind of file that you should remove. If you remove the role files from your computer that have nothing to do with you, this can cause your computer to crash.

Organizing your files

By organizing your files and knowing where everything is, this reduces the chances of you storing unwanted files without knowing. Sometimes people have so many files that they do not know what’s going on in the computer. If you take control and organize your files, delete the ones you don’t want, your PC real run faster.

Computer education

I guarantee if you spent a short amount of time learning about your computer, then you would never have a problem.I have written a very detailedLearning how to use your computer and knowing how to perform regular maintenance will definitely make your computer run faster.

Speech in Science and Technology

Speech writing is applicable to different fields of study including the field of science and technology. In order to write quality speech papers in science and technology, students and writers should have knowledge and skills in this field of study. Moreover, speech writing skills are also essential in order to come up with quality papers. An effective and quality speech paper should be intriguing and bale to grab the reader’s attention. This means that writers have to be highly creative so that they can compose quality speeches in any given field of study. The other requirement is that a speech writer has to have adequate knowledge on the subject and topic on which the speech writing is about. An in-depth research is therefore necessary when writing speech papers on any given topic or field of study.

Several students often encounter problems when it comes to speech writing and hence resort to seeking speech writing help from custom companies online. Such companies provide custom speech papers at a given fee. Students who need speech writing services should not just choose any company but instead they have to do research in order to locate the best speech writing company. There are several factors to consider and unique qualities to look for in the most reliable speech writing companies. The first quality is that the companies have to provide plagiarism free and free speech writing services. The custom speech papers provided by such companies should not only be quality but also interesting and able to capture the reader’s attention. The custom speech papers provided at reliable companies should meet the recommendable standards and strictly meet all the instructions given by customers. A reliable company should also provide the custom speech writing services at a cost that is nether too cheap nor too expensive. Instead, the custom speech writing services have to be provided at reasonable and highly affordable costs.

A reliable company should provide speech writing services on different topics and a diverse number of academic fields. The various academic fields that require speech writing include psychology, anthropology, sociology, science and philosophy. All the custom speech papers provided on any given field of study have to be superior quality and able to guarantee total satisfaction. A company should also have a reliable team of proofreaders and editor who go through the completed speech papers to make sure that they have no language and spelling errors. Speech papers with many errors or mistakes earn failing grades and disappoint customers. On the contrary, speech papers written according to all specifications and requirements of customers guarantee satisfaction and academic success.

Our custom writing company is the most reliable company when it comes to speech writing services. We provide quality custom speech papers that are written to customer satisfaction at the most affordable prices. In addition to custom speech papers, our company provides custom research papers, term papers, essays and custom thesis papers that are written according to the required standards. The key objective of our academic writers is to make sure that each and every customer is totally satisfied with our services. Our company is known by various customers all over the world for the quality of custom speech writing services it provides. It is advisable for any customer and student in need of custom speech papers and any other custom papers to contact our company.

Future Technology Changes in the Office

Offices are major innovators in technology. Whether they seek to create new products that customers will buy or work to improve their own office processes, many offices consistently embrace change. Information technology has allowed businesses to communicate over long distances cheaply and instantaneously, and they may be able to accomplish other tasks at a distance.


  • Technology has automated various jobs in almost all areas of business. With automation, businesses can carry out necessary tasks with fewer workers, thus cutting down the costs of hiring employees and paying out benefits. However, this automation might increase unemployment. Employment losses have already begun. Forbes reported that companies such as McDonald’s employed 400,000 employees in 2008, while Google employed only 20,000 employees, demonstrating how more technology-oriented companies tend to use fewer employees. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected that between 2008 and 2018, chemical manufacturing employment will decline by 13 percent, automotive manufacturing employment will decline by 16 percent and machinery manufacturing employment will decline by 8 percent. The BLS reported that these declines primarily come from improvements in production technology.

Information Technology

  • Information technology has increased the speed at which companies can communicate and also has cut costs on information storage. Also, future technology advances minimize office dependence on paper, which not only reduces waste but also allows information to be transmitted more quickly. As offices become more networked, they will more easily communicate with other offices. As a result, these offices might become more interconnected, which will foster more cooperation between offices.

Product Development

  • Future technology creates new industries as these advances lead to the development of new products. For example, the multi-billion dollar computer industry did not exist until computers were invented. New technological advancements can create new offices devoted to developing, testing and marketing new products. As robotics become more affordable and useful, more robotic technology might enter the market.

Security Technology

  • Technological advancements in computer security have reduced the number of computer crimes that cost businesses money. Also, as future technology advances, bandwidth and other technological resources become cheaper and criminal attacks such as denial of service attacks have a smaller impact. Companies continue to develop more secure systems so that customers can give companies personal information without fearing identity theft. This has increased customer bases for various companies, especially companies that operate entirely online.

Green Technologies

  • Companies have increasingly moved towards innovating processes that minimize waste. This waste minimization saves the company money and also reduces the environmental impact that the company has on the Earth. Composting techniques have allowed many companies to transform waste into compost that can be used to grow food and perform other actions beneficial to the environment.

RFID Technology

  • RFID technology is allowing offices to more closely monitor products than ever before. This RFID technology can help businesses monitor the performance of products, provide updates to the products and analyzing products for potential defects. Businesses might also be able to power products at a distance with advancements in wireless power transmission.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence will provide automated thinking for offices. The more advanced the artificial intelligence becomes, the more tasks the artificial intelligence programs will be able to perform. Recent advances have helped detect credit card fraud by comparing credit card purchases with past credit card behavior. Businesses are seeking to implement artificial intelligence in areas where human workers cannot survive, such as in areas with insufficient oxygen and physical space. Artificially intelligent robots may play a large role in elder care, allowing a robot to perform actions that elderly patients cannot, allowing the patient to avoid the nursing home. This will stimulate growth in new industries.


In learning a language, the aim is to be able to utilize the language in day-to-day tasks as also to meet the career demands. The needs of the students are crucial in teaching and one should ensure that learning does take place and the learners do achieve their long-term goals which include learners’ ability to communicate in the target language outside of classrooms and realization of various professional/career opportunities.

The concept of ESP contains a presumption that adult students learn English for a certain purpose, and there is a constant awareness of the purpose on the part of students as well as teachers. The main concern of ESP is ‘specific’ needs of students with the objective of solving their specific linguistic difficulties.

English for science and technology or EST is a subcategory of the larger field of English for Specific Purposes in which EST shares some basic characteristics with the larger field of ESP.

The language in EST is also more specialized. This is not surprising given the fact that scientific inquiry is a very specific process which relates to control, manipulation and observation of situations and involves research assumptions, hypothesis formation, and theory construction.

Textbooks are a key component in most language programmes. These serve as the basis for much of the language input learners receive or the language practice that takes place in the classroom. In some situations, the textbook may function as a supplement to the teachers’ instruction in the ESL teaching and learning process. For most teachers, textbooks provide the foundation for the content of lessons, the balance of the skills taught, as well as the kinds of language practice the students engage in during class activities. The use of English to teach Science and Technology reflects the importance of having effective English textbooks in helping learners acquire the necessary language skills.

Using English in Science and Technology by R.K. Singh has been republished with considerable revision and addition to help tertiary level students of science and technology to improve their written communication skills. To quote the author”Using English in Science and Technology, though not an ESP textbook per se, meets an important and urgent need in the area of English language teaching in India. It generally emphasizes development of students’ capacity for self-study, and language and communication skills, particularly the skills for effective academic writing, just as it prepares them for studies in English in many scientific and engineering fields like physics, chemistry, economics, geology, mining engineering, ecology, etc.” (p.vii).

The book is divided into nine sections. In the first section, the author describes the characteristic feature of scientific and technical writing, and the process model of writing. The Interactional Process Approach he discusses is a revised version of his most referred to research paper published in English Teaching Forum in 1994. One becomes aware of both the process and product as one proceeds through pre-writing, writing, and post-writing stages and organizes the contents.

The second section deals with English in scientific discourse. This section is the real strength of the book and deals with using impersonal passive voice, writing instructions and describing/reporting, describing objects, describing processes and graphical presentation of information, writing definitions, writing narratives, writing classifications, writing explanations, using comparison and contrast, writing hypothesis, prediction and conclusion, generalizing and exemplifying, and using thought connectors. The author discusses these rhetorical functions in detail. Firstly, he provides a description of the way  language is used, and then, he offers  suitable exercises for practice. Whatever discourse one produces, one has to use these rhetoric to write. The description and examples provided in this section are not only meant for science and technology teachers and students, but also for  general ELT teachers who may be  interested in teaching  written communication by additionally providing suitable  exercises. At the end of this section the author includes a discussion of thought connectors to develop a sense for achieving   cohesion and coherence in the text.

The third section, a new addition in this edition of the book, deals with using punctuation, which is a most difficult and confusing part of written communication. The author deals with the use of punctuation marks such as commas, ellipses, semicolon, colon, dashes, and apostrophe.

The fourth and fifth sections of the book discuss study skills such as outlining, paraphrasing, summarizing, and note-making. Learning these study skills is necessary for all the professionals and researchers. The section provides a discussion on the method of outlining, paraphrasing, summarizing, and note-making with various exercises for practice.

The sixth section is based on understanding instruction verbs. Most of the time we commit mistake in using instruction verbs. As a teacher we need to set question papers and we have to write instructions for the students to write answers. Understanding instructions is necessary for the students to answer questions in the examination accordingly. This section provides a solution to the problems of both the teachers and students.

A new section is added in the book on use of polite expressions in communication. This should  help students in their day to day conversation as also in participating in seminars etc.

The second last section is devoted to organizing references in writing. Students commit mistake in writing references. This section will help students to improve their reference writing skills.

The last section of the book provides sample lesson texts and text-based exercises for “consolidation of skills and language use learnt in the second, third and fourth sections.” The section also provides a possible model for teachers to develop their own practice material in the class.

The book is written keeping in view the prevalent system of teaching English language in technical institutions, and revised on the basis of the tertiary level students’ newer needs. This book is an outcome of the author’s experience in the classroom. The book has been used as a textbook in B. Tech, M. Sc. and M. Sc. Tech classes in Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad for nearly two decades. The exercises in the book are repeatedly tested in the classroom.

An English language teacher, particularly the teachers teaching in Technical Institutions, can use this book easily and without any formal training in ESP. It is a common belief that one should know science for teaching EST. But it is not possible for English language teachers to know science. This book will be handyl for the English teachers who do not know science but have interest in everyday science. The author has tried to produce a sort of  general ESP/EST textbook which can be conveniently by providing additional exercises according to the needs of the students.

Except for  some typographical errors, the book makes a smooth reading. It is nicely got up and the price is affordable. As a teacher and EST practitioner,  I strongly recommend it to all English language teachers and students keen to improve their language skills in  Technical Institutions.

Modern Computer Technology

Technology is not only the light of the darkness way of our life but also the solution key of any problems and the improvement of our success. The touch of technology in the computer field is the surprising invention beyond our thinking. Today’s gift of the technology is amazing to us and it will be backdated tomorrow for the exponential improvement of technology. Computer technology is not only being improved by the year to year but also improving day to day and for that reason the real invention of present was limited in thinking in the yesterday and today’s imagination will also be real tomorrow. As computer is formed by the synchronized accumulation of its two fields like hardware and software, the technology is also keeping his contribution significantly in these two fields for also making the computer as the great performer.

With the advancement of computer technology the size of the computer is becoming smaller and more effective than the before. The data storage capability of the computer is now limited to the megabyte and usually it extends to the gigabyte to terabyte and in this way modern computer is the world within a world. Hard disc, DVD discs and removal discs are such kinds of memory storage device those are now small in size and more capable than the before.

Instructions executor of computer are known as the computer processor which is more powerful now because of the invention of modern technology. Modern computer technology has now combined two, four, eight or more core in a single processor to get the extreme performance and these kinds of processor are known as the dual core, core-2-dua, core-2-quad and core-2-extreme in the market. These types of processor are 2, 4, 8 and even 16 times fasted to process data. The cash memory and the bus speed are also not limited to the kilobyte and it is extended to the megabyte now. With these basic elements, the other component of the computer is becoming greater performer and effective those were only in imagination a few days ago.

The period has gone away to use bulky part and overweighed tools for the setup of your computer. LCD monitor has solved these kinds of problems and it is comfortable to our eye for the filter technology that filters the harmful ray emitting from the monitor. The most advantageous gift of the modern computer technology is the laptop computer which is small in size and flexible to use it. The producer of this product have also tried to accumulate the advantages of the modern technology like Bluetooth, web came and such as such.

The modern processor, monitor and the overall computer are low power consuming and more effective. The RAM of the computer is the helper of processor which is used as the primary memory for analyzing code instruction or software and the memory size of RAM now exceeds to single gigabyte. Software, usually open source software are being improved too rapidly which give us the new features day by day. Popular and user friendly operating system like Windows operating system is updating with great features to satisfy the requirements of the users. Open source software and operating system like Linux give you the update time to time and you can add features as you like. For these great features computer is said to be the wonder of science and modern computer technology is the successor of that wonders.

Tricks and Hacks to Speed up Windows 7

Compared to Windows XP or Vista, Windows 7 is a faster and upgraded OS. If you want Windows 7 to perform optimally, however, you have to be ready to do some adjusting and tweaking. From doing a virus/malware scan to disabling features that use up lots of memory, there are various ways to speed things up. So let’s get into some practical measures for speeding up Windows 7.

An ongoing debate that continues is what changes to make to the Windows 7 operating system to make it more functional and faster in processing. The processing speed of Windows, specifically in regard to boot time, can be altered by the number of cores according to some. Advanced options can actually show you how to change the number of processors that you’re using. Experts will say that the number of processors operating is initially at an optimal level so it would not increase boot time at all by doing so. Overall, it is worth a test, even if most people believe that it will not improve the speed of your system.

Sometimes Windows 7 can’t run as well as you’d like it to because the computer you have doesn’t meet the hardware requirements dictated by the operating system. This is typical in older computers that are upgraded from previous versions of Windows to Windows 7. If you bought your computer with Windows 7 pre-installed, this won’t be an issue for you. Your computer must be equipped with at least 16 GB of available disk space, 1 GB of memory and at least a 1 GHZ processor. In the event that your computer lacks the memory to properly run Windows 7, it’ll run so much better when you add some more memory to it. In terms of Windows 7, this means that even though it is able to run on 1GB of memory, upgrading to 2GB of memory can help it speed up quite a lot.

You may notice that Windows 7 frequently alerts you to updates. These automatic updates are commonplace, and they can slow down your system and can make internet browsing slower as well. If you want, you can go to your control panel and stop receiving these updates. On the other hand, users who aren’t tech savvy may not want to do this, as you might miss an update that’s important. If you decide to disable this feature, it’s up to you to keep your computer up to date on any important matters, such as those related to security. On the other hand, many updates are not essential and are only slowing down your computer.

To improve the speed of Windows 7, you’ll need to explore some different features and settings that you have on your computer. A lot of people use memory and space with files, programs and features that aren’t actually necessary. Sometimes serious problems will slow down your computer so a registry cleaner could be just the ticket. The above suggestions for speeding up Windows 7 should get you off to a good start as you search for ways to improve the performance of your PC.

Web conference: New technology; limitless possibilities

The concept

Web conferencing is the next level of oral peer-to-peer communication. Those participating in web conference can actually interact visually and verbally with each other. The audio-visual interaction finds wide application in an array of applications like academic learning, security and surveillance, emergency response mechanism etc. The feed is transferred over the internet and the quality of conferencing is contingent on the available bandwidth.

Strategic advantage of web conference

Seamless and instant communication and collaboration are pivotal for efficient functioning at the personal and professional levels.

  • Swift decision making is facilitated for managers through fast real time collection and dissection of data from any location across the globe.
  • Outcome of virtual collaboration and information shared can be recorded to be tracked and re-used at a later date.
  • Productivity can be taken to the next level through faster collaboration brought about by plug and play instantaneous audio visual interaction. Easy and swift ideation and brainstorming are facilitated through viewing of the common information cumulatively.
  • Incidental costs associated with long distance travels for personalized interactions and other setups can be curbed decisively.
  • With web conferencing facility on, one can invite participation from expert knowledge panel and specialists. This holds true for participants who are situated in offshore destinations or are widely separated geographically. This helps in incorporating the valuable contributions of experts and thus widening the perspective of the conference.
  • Your organization can retain its competitive edge by calling meetings immediately, The fast response time is critical especially at times when a financial distress is afflicting the organizations and managers from distant locations need to keep in touch constantly.
  • The reach of the meeting can be extended at will as new participants can be seamlessly added to the meeting from any location without having to worry about messy appliances.

Web conferencing enhances the adaptability, responsiveness and technical utilization of assets. Organizations which have to set aside a major chunk of their budget for frequent international visits of managers can heave a sigh of relief with this innovative cost cutting initiative. Bridging locations separated by geographical barriers is a breeze. Information transfer and decision making can take place at blistering pace with this new age communication tool.

Modes of web conferencing

Web conferencing is not reserved exclusively for larger organizations where extensive equipment is in use. Even individuals can avail the facility of web conferencing. Elision MassMeet is a web conferencing service that offers varied modes of web conferencing for optimum convenience. These include individualized option (one to one conferencing), one to many, group, and multipoint.

Features at a glance 

  • Varied cloud based deployment modes
  • Option for multi parties to connect to an ongoing meeting
  • Desktop can be shared
  • High definition sharing of information
  • No compromise on the quality of transmitted data
  • Virtual sharing of multiple information modes i.e. videos, documents, presentations etc.
  • Ability to record and playback the proceedings of the meetings
  • Top notch security and encryption features

Elision web conferencing is a new age technology that has limitless possibilities.

What Job Can I Get With an Associate Degree in Engineering Technology?

Students who pursue an associate degree in engineering technology learn a variety of engineering concepts. They may specialize in electronic engineering technology or mechanical engineering technology. Students may also choose to focus on civil engineering or industrial engineering technology. While some graduates go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree in engineering technology is enough to pursue several types of careers.

Electrical or Electronics Engineering Technician

  • With an associate degree in electrical or electronics engineering technology, graduates can pursue a career as an electrical or electronics engineering technician. In this role, they work with an engineer to design and advance the development of such electrical and electronic equipment as computers, medical monitoring devices, communications equipment and navigational equipment. According to 2012 wage estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, electrical and electronics engineering technicians earn a median pay of $57,850, which is an hourly rate of $27.81. From 2012 through 2022, there is a 0 percent growth rate, which means that growth will be stagnant. However, the BLS predicts that demand for computer and electronics systems will produce some jobs for these graduates.

Mechanical Engineering Technician

  • An associate degree in mechanical engineering technology may lead to a career as a mechanical engineering technician. These individuals help to design, evaluate, improve and produce such mechanical devices as tools, engines and machines. According to the BLS, the median annual pay for mechanical engineering technicians was $51,980, or $24.99 hourly, as of 2012. Mechanical engineering technician jobs are projected to grow by 5 percent from 2012 through 2022, which is slower than the national average. However, the BLS also states that growth varies by industry, and these technicians will be able to find work in such emerging fields as 3-D printing, alternative energies and automation.

Industrial Engineering Technician

  • Graduates with an associate degree in industrial engineering technology may find employment as an industrial engineering technician. These technicians work in various industries to implement plans and designs, and also to effectively manage people, equipment and other resources in stores, offices, factories and other types of environments. Industrial engineering technicians can expect to make a median annual wage of $50,980, or an hourly wage of $24.51, according to May 2012 salary data from the BLS. In addition there is a -3 percent job growth rate from 2012 through 2022, which represents a decline in available jobs, but the BLS notes that the versatility of this degree will produce jobs as various industries seek to cut and control costs through efficiency.

Civil Engineering Technician

  • An associate degree in civil engineering technology can equip graduates with the skills needed to become a civil engineering technician. Civil engineering technicians work with engineers to plan and design highways, bridges and commercial and residential structures. The median annual salary for this position is $47,560 annually, or $22.87 hourly, according to May 2012 data from the BLS. Only a 1 percent growth rate is projected from 2012 through 2022, but the BLS states that the need to repair the country’s infrastructure and the demand for renewable energy projects should produce jobs.